50 Lousy Gifts for NFL fans

The Sports Guy's newest article discusses 50 of the worst Christmas presents for NFL fans. Here are my two favorites:

14. Brandon in Newton, Mass.: "What Bears fan wouldn't get excited over this signed Rex Grossman action photo for $178.99? Check out that beautiful short-arm throw! I wonder which team caught that beauty."

2. This nearly made the No. 1 slot and probably should have: It's a throwback Jim Brown Cleveland jersey, only it's part of the "women's premier" collection, which means it's a jersey specifically designed for women to wear. Can you think of a more appalling gift for a girlfriend or wife than the throwback jersey of Jim Brown, the guy with a history of domestic abuse charges and making demeaning comments against women? I certainly can't. No wonder it's on sale. Too bad they can't sell this with an "Ike Turner's Greatest Hits" CD..