The Current Reading List

Here are the books on my current read list:

Irrational Atheist: Dissecting the Unholy Trinity of Dawkins, Harris, and Hitchens, Vox Day
Bucknell graduate, Christian, and Libertarian, Day challenges the arguments of prominent atheists. With his other writings and different from those labeling themselves as Christians, Day uses an aggressive approach when expressing an informed opinion that is unapologetic, sometimes offensive, but very entertaining. For example, after studying the history of war, he is able to refute the common atheist argument that religion is responsible for the vast majority of war--he estimates that less than 5% of the conflicts between nations/peoples can be attributed to believers (of any faith). From a synopsis:

While other religious apologetics have challenged atheism on theological or biblical grounds, this book fights fire with fire, disproving the scholars' logic through modern, secular reason. Rigorously documented and supported by hard factual data, this careful analysis is critical reading for any religious person seeking to rebut the assertions of new atheists and essential information for any open-minded atheist who wants his beliefs to stand on firm ground...

The Shape Shifter, Tony Hillerman
This is the last of Hillerman’s novel mystery series set (#18 I think) in the Navajo Nation. I don't read too many mysteries or police fiction, but I finished many of Hillerman's fiction (as well as some of non-fiction). I have enjoyed Hillerman’s style—focusing on good character and story development, as opposed to explosions, gun battles, and car chases. I was sorry to see that Hillerman, a decorated WWII veteran, had died a few months ago. The series books are easy reads, and I am about 30 pages into this one.

Into the Kill Zone: A Cops Eye View of Deadly Force, David Klinger
I interviewed Dr. Klinger for a project last summer, was impressed with his knowledge and critical thinking skills, but have not read this book. I have enjoyed his scholarly writing, as he has published what I consider innovative works. To his credit, he has the rare insight as a police practioner and an academician--aka the professor who has experienced the field he is is studying. From a posted synopsis:

Klinger presents the stories of other officers who have visited The Kill Zone to tell the reader what it’s like: the female cop who is overcome with remorse after shooting an assailant who turned out to be unarmed, the SWAT team member who has only one narrow shot at a robber holding two kids and their mother as human shields, the off-duty officer who engaged in a wild courthouse shoot-out with a man who looked just like his father, and many other intensely dramatic, beautifully told episodes that convey what officers experience before, during, and after gunfights.

Into the Kill Zone presents an original point of view about one of the most intriguing, controversial, and poorly understood aspects of American society...

Running for My Life : My Journey in the Game of Football and Beyond, Warrick Dunn and Don Yaeger
I discuss the book and Dunn’s life in this post.

Note: It is me and the little ones on solo this weekend as the Mrs. and the older boy went to NYC. This means lots of Dad time for the kids, and translates into lots of caffenine for Dad...