Guns and Conflicting Crime Control Approaches

Interesting contrast in the news this week regarding how best to control violent crime in urban areas. New York City's solution, as promoted in the recent arrest of NY Giants player Plaxico Burress, was to advocate for a statewide mandatory sentencing law for persons caught with an unlicensed firearm. An opposite approach was recently voiced by St. Louis Alderman Charles Quincy Troupe who supports citizens arming themselves: Citizens Protect Yourselves.

A police chief is quoted in the KC article that more citizens with guns leads to increases in violence. I am not sure there is enough unbiased (the majority being sponsored by anti-gun groups) research available to comprehend the long-term impact on crime of either approach. Personally, I would rather be armed when violence erupts versus earning the right to be the first voice to complain about the legal failures of mandatory sentencing.