Playlands for all ages?

I am still out of town enjoying some oddly warm weather (yesterday it hit 39 degrees—that is shorts weather this time of year), and was surprised to be able to get this post to work from an unfamiliar computer. We took the little ones to a large playland center, allowing them to burn off some energy.

Now, I am very supportive of parents playing with children. Too many times we go to local parks, and watch children trying unsuccessfully to coax their out-of-shape guardians from being glued to a park bench. We have always tried to play as much as possible with our crew. The neighbors think I am just a big little kid (true of course), but I have never been one to be concerned with my status. Anyway, at the playland center there are huge slides, a ball pit, and multiple climbing areas. I have followed both of our little ones through the playland’s many passageways, and even once was chastised by a 9 year old for moving too slow. If you have to assist your little one through the maze and help fend-off older munchkins then that is quite all right with me.

Today at the playland there were lots of adults in the play areas. Yes, I said lots of adults—over 30 year old men and women and all large folks. Some of the big invaders appeared to be playing with kids that were certainly old enough to maneuver the playland without difficulty; while other adults were just, well um, playing with themselves and trying to relive a lost childhood.

Again, I am supportive of parents assisting and playing with young children, but when your idea of entertainment is flopping all 250 lbs of yourself at 55 years old in a kid’s ballpit. You need professional help. Perhaps this blog post from a few years ago contains an innovative idea:

The Play Area just for Adults

Similar to the ones at McDonalds, when you feel you need an escape, [i seem to need to escape frequently] you pop into this play yard, they give you a freshly laundered t-shirt and shorts, and you spend the next 15 minutes or so, swinging, sliding, playing in the ball pit, jumping on the bouncy castle, or just sitting and sucking on your thumb. Then you go shower, put on your business suit, and get back to work, doing whatever you do to make you miserable.

I consider this an innovative idea in that it would allow adults to exercise, but it would also keep their girth out of the children's ball pit...