Movies and Roadkill

Political humorist Iowahawk has this to say about the movie industry (titled "Movies Are Your Best Entertainment Value"); tongue-in-cheek as always:

...As a professional filmmaker, I have to say I was as stunned as you when I read that the film industry suffered through another lackluster box office year in 2008. The chief reasons for this appear to be the economy and Internet pirates, or possibly that Raisinette ebola scare. Whatever the cause it’s safe to say that it had nothing to do with the screen product, because 2008 was also a landmark year for the kind of ponderous, preachy, high-quality cinema that Americans from Santa Monica to Silverlake are clamoring for.

Don’t take my word for it — just look at the record 5,362 awards Hollywood earned from itself last year, up nearly 35% from 2003...

I have not watched a movie at a theater in years. This can be attributed to parenthood, school, work, and other big people responsibilities, rather than being totally uninterested in the film selections, but investing three hours of valuable free time sitting in a dark room with popcorn stuck on my shoes is not high on my "to do" list." In parallel, plodding along a golf course for the same amount of time looking for a ball that I miss-hit into high grass is not fun for me either.

I do agree with Iowahawk in that, for the most part, contemporary movies offer little appeal for folks like me. In the post, he continues with "his" list of upcoming movies . Here is one:

Dark Spinach: Brooding, conflicted superhero sailor man (Matt Damon) must face his own inner demons and canned vegetable addiction to save his anorexic lover (Gwyneth Paltrow) in the violent screen adaptation of Frank Miller’s graphic novel. Featuring Mickey Rourke as Bluto.

Ok, maybe I did enjoy Popeye the Sailorman as a little one.

One final note on how to spend free time, Dr. Helen had a recent post(1/14) that discusses raccoon meat as a delicacy. She also reminded me of the legislation passed in my former home state that legalized eating roadkill.

Maybe popcorn stuck on my shoes is not such a bad thing...