Part II: Ray Gricar Missing Person

This is the second post of a multiple part series on the Ray Gricar disappearance. I am continuing with my list of oddities from the case.

Point 3-Murky Financials
Gricar’s annual salary was over $100,000, but from the information released, it is unclear where his money was going. He was not making payments from his two previous divorces. He also did not own a home (lived with his girlfriend), hold any retirement investment funds, and possessed only about $100,000 in traditional accounts. When he purchased the Mini-Cooper that was recovered in Lewisburg, he paid cash and had the vehicle registered in his girl friend’s name. He told his girlfriend that the registration was necessary to protect the asset from any future litigation against him.

Point 4-Reappearing Evidence
Gricar’s car was recovered in the parking lot next to an antique store in Lewisburg. Items believed to be missing from his car were his keys, sunglasses, wallet, and laptop computer. The parking area is a short distance from the Susquehanna River and a bridge is visible that motorists use to enter and exit the town on the east side. The water in this area is shallow and was searched multiple times by authorities. Unfortunately, nothing was initially found.

In September of 2005, Gricar’s laptop minus the harddrive was recovered from the Susquehanna River near the Lewisburg bridge. How did it get there? Did authorities miss the laptop during the comprehensive search of the area? Subsequent searches were conducted of the water and area around the bridge, and again nothing new was located.

Two months later, a citizen found the hardrive near the bridge area--a short distance from where the laptop was found. Is it possible that police missed the hard drive again, or did someone return to the area and drop it into the water after the searches were completed?

As one can imagine, the areas adjacent to the scene of an incident will receive much attention from searchers. Since police were considering all theories including suicide, the area under the bridge was searched an inordinate amount of times. I can’t recall a case where more evidence was located in the immediate area of an incident scene that compares to the challenges in this investigation.

Point 5: His Occupation
As the county’s district attorney, Gricar prosecuted numerous felony cases, and certainly stepped on numerous toes. Gricar’s work resulted in the incarceration of robbers, murderers, molesters, and other defendants. Gricar is not the only recent case with Pennsylvania ties involving a district attorney. Federal prosecutor Jonathan Luna from Baltimore was missing and later found dead in Southern Pennsylvania—stabbed multiple times with his own pen knife. His vehicle and body were recovered in a creek behind a drilling company. As with Gricar’s case, evidence is inconclusive as to whether the Baltimore man’s death was a suicide or homicide.

I’ll post more information on this case soon, and the link to Part I of this series is here.


Anonymous said...

Good job on keeping these missing person cases in the forefront.


Slamdunk said...

Thanks Sandra. I think the Gricar case is one that is worthy of study considering its many unique facets and unexpected turns.

Anonymous said...

I'm not familiar with the Lewisburg area at all. Would it have been possible for someone to have walked across the bridge and tossed the laptop into the river that way? They could have waited until it was dark, not much traffic late at night and dropped the laptop into the river. Is that possible from this bridge? Could someone have stood on the riverbank and tossed the laptop into the river from the riverbank? Or possibly dropped it from a boat into the river?

Slamdunk said...

Sorry it has taken me so long to respond to your comment. Your questions are relevant. It is possible to drop a laptop from the bridge (accessing it by foot), toss one from the bank, as well as drop it from a boat. Of those 3 scenarios, I would say that tossing from the top not from a car would be the least likely--the person would take a much greater chance of being seen as opposed to your other two suggestions.

I simply have spoken most about the toss from the car thought since it would provide the greatest cover for someone--a person that obviously has been successful in hiding the truth about Mr. Gricar's disappearance.

One of the other regular contributors provided a link to photos of the Lewisburg bridge and I'll have to find it for you.