Correcting My Mistakes on the Gricar Case

I appreciate the feedback that I have received from readers of my Ray Gricar Missing Person series. I will be correcting several errors contained in my previous posts including these:

--On the day of Mr. Gricar’s brother apparent suicide, he did not go out for mulch as incorrectly listed by me, but to pick up his nine-year old son.

--Instead of dogs, I should have referred to the couple’s dog in singular. I was actually told that the dog belonged to his girlfriend—meaning that my “dog person” carries much less weight.

--Gricar’s laptop was recovered in July and not September of 2005 as I had it listed. The location of the laptop was closer to 300 yards from where his car was found. The location of the hard drive was then about 175 yards from where the car was found, and in almost a direct diagonal line between the car and laptop.
My apologies for the inaccuracies, and I'll be more careful with future posts.