How Superman Exits a Swimming Pool

With the NFL combine (a six-day series of physical and mental tests administered to the nation’s top collegiate football players) starting today, I could not resist a football related post. Professional football players are fantastic athletes and this display of ability is something beyond impressive:

Despite competing in sports (primarily football and baseball) during childhood and through high school and winning the physical fitness award in my police academy class, I firmly believe that if I tried Jarron Gilbert's stunt, I would face plant on the side of the concrete pool (then and especially now)...

Continuing with the NFL talk, for the third straight year, I will attempt to predict the first ten picks in the NFL draft. As in years past, I have to pay my 8 year old a set amount for each missed selection, and last year (due to predicting a trade in the first 5 picks that did not occur), I missed 7 out of 10 choices. After a year of ridicule, I plan to reverse my previous poor showing with a much more accurate prediction. I’ll discuss my predictions in a future post.

Even though the Tampa Bay Bucs do not pick until 19, I also try to predict their selection as well. At least last season, I had them correctly taking CB A. Talib with their first choice--a pick that I liked. With the new head coach and by not resigning old guy QB J. Garcia, it will be tempting for the Bucs brain trust to select a QB first—-as Mel Kiper has suggested.

Depending on the combine performances of certain players, I think that the top three signal callers will all be gone by the 19th pick (including the QB that Kiper predicts going to the team) and Bucs management prefers to select a defensive player anyway-—probably an interior lineman.

The Buc's defense certainly needs improvement. The teams inability to stop opponents from scoring at will led to its collapse at the end of last year, and the defense's poor play was primarily responsible for them not making the playoffs...

Anyway, I just looked at the forecast and saw it will be chilly for the rest of the week, so my planned practices at jumping out of four and five-foot deep swimming pools will just have to wait a few days.


mappchik said...

I don't know... the chilly weather might make for higher jumps, as well as a record breaking sprint to the showers.

Slamdunk said...


The cold air and chilly water simply makes me a whimp. I'd be the guy in a video cowering on the side of the pool refusing to jump into the water in the first place.