Police Use Super Secret Weapon at NYU

This week articles and videos of the disobedience at New York University were in the news. Cornell Law Professor Michael Dorf had this to say about the unrest:

I can't improve on the hilarious coverage of the NYU cafeteria takeover on Gawker, so I'll begin with a simple recap: A group of students calling themselves Take Back NYU barricaded themselves inside the Kimmel Center and issued demands; the university threatened to suspend the students; and thus the takeover just about ended.

The demands were a very odd hodge-podge, including:

1) Amnesty for protesters (okay, CYA, but really, should that be your FIRST demand?);

3) and 4) Full public disclosure of NYU's finances;

9) Annual scholarships for 13 Palestinians (why 13??);

10) "That the university donate all excess supplies and materials in an effort to rebuild the University of Gaza" (or as Gawker put it, "overhead projectors for Gaza");


13) NYU library access for the general public….
It seemed that students were disappointed that campus and local officers did not squelch the disobedience immediately and provide them with much needed publicity. I am sure those planners had hoped for lots of videos of students being struck with batons, pepper sprayed, and threatened by police dogs.

Instead, officers simply contained the situation to one campus area, and waited. Oh yes, and they used another super secret weapon—-be nice to the protestors.

It seems that the disorderly students were befuddled with this tactic and decided eventually to call the whole deal off and go home. Actually, the videos posted of the events are real yawners. Congrats to the police agencies involved-—they came out of the incident smelling like roses.

I’ll wait for reporters on campus to generate a story similar to this one by Kenny Byerly:

A large group of organized protestors who had blocked access to a major campus building yesterday found themselves all but ignored by friendly UC police officers. The protest continued well into the night, until protestors got kind of bored, decided their point had pretty much been made, and went home to get something to eat.

"We did our best to make them leave," stated UC police captain Bill Cooper. "We reasoned very logically with them, and tried to be persuasive. We told them how disruptive they were being, but they all seemed to want to stay. What could we do?"

Many protestors, however, decried the UC police's lack of strongarm force. "How are we supposed to make an impression without front-page Daily Cal photos of grimacing students being subjected to arm-bending and ear-pulling?" demanded Jamina Higgins, a junior who was neither arrested nor given a citation.

Added Higgins, "You call yourself 'The Man'? This is pathetic, guys. At least get out the pepper spray."

UC police had offered to fetch sodas for the grueling twelve-hour protests, but their gifts were, for the most part, rebuffed.
Ok, so Bylerly’s article was a parody on the police response a couple of years ago at the University of California when campus administrators were in conflict with environmental student groups about the location of a new institutional facility—-but it still makes entertaining reading.


copswife said...

That's hilarious. Oh, and, also, as I was scrolling down that photo below of a hand came part way up on my screen. For a second, from the curves and the flesh, I thought it was a nude photo! Guess I have a perverted mind that jumps to conclusions.

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Ha--true confessions...