The Ray Gricar Missing Person Reader Challenge, Part I

I changed my mind about the follow-up questions regarding the Ray Gricar missing person case series. Instead of emailing them to only interested persons (I’ll still email the information to people who said they wanted them), I decided to post the five questions below.

My plan is still to format the responses, get approvals from the authors, and then add them to the blog in some sort of a structured post (depending on number and length of the responses).

For respondents, I will only refer to you by your nickname. If your comments are solely based on the fact that you and Ray were abducted by aliens every weekend for a year when you went to grammar school together, then this is probably not the blog activity for you—-although those responses might provide me with some entertaining sci-fi reading.

To make this work, I would appreciate anyone wanting to participate, to please email me their responses. You are welcome to respond to all or some of the questions. My email address is on the left column of the blog.

Folks are still welcome to post an opinion to one or any of the questions, but I don’t think it will offer the same continuity as organizing the thoughts submitted by email into a separate post.

Here are five questions (we’ll see how this goes if I have more) to start with:

1) Based on the evidence, what percentage (total of 100%) would you assign to the three explanations for Mr. Gricar’s disappearance (suicide, crime victim, voluntarily missing)? (For example, Suicide 2%, Crime 49%, Voluntary Missing 49%)

2) What do you consider to be the most critical piece of evidence in the case?

3) Do you believe that Gricar’s laptop was tossed into the river when he disappeared or some time after?

4) If you believe that the laptop was thrown into the river some time well after searches by police, explain your reasoning to support why a subject would doing this.

5) If you were advising the police regarding the case, list two or three things that they should be doing to further investigate the disappearance.
I’ll provide my responses to these questions as well. Thanks for your continued interest in this case.


Anonymous said...

1. Crime 90%, 2. Suicide 5%, Walkaway 5%

2. The exact volumn needed for County conduct being left on the next in commands desk at the courthouse. But there are many clues.

3. Sometime after as part of a staged scene

4. I believe either law enforcement or someone with knowledge there of their activities tossed it into he river.

5. Turn it over to another agency. There is a rat in your house IMO. Most likely at this point all evidence is gone. Going to be tough to solve now. LE didn't do enough when they had the chance.