A Valentine's Day Gift and Driving Skills

I was standing in line yesterday with a couple of Valentine’s Day gift items and thinking about the hundred things that I needed to do before the day was over, when I noticed that an elderly woman in front of me. She turned a couple of times to look at my purchases.

The third time she looked at me, smiled, and said, “I am sure those will be appreciated.” I chuckled and told her that my spouse actually prefers the cup of fresh coffee that I typically purchase and have waiting on the morning of 2/14—-and anything in addition to that is icing on the cake.

She paused, turned to see that she had time to talk, and said that she had received a wonderful Valentine’s Day gift last year. The woman stated,

"My husband of 49 years died in September of 2007. He was a wonderful man, but rarely gave me gifts on Valentine’s Day. He said that he showed me how much he loved me everyday and that this so-called "holiday" was merely a commercial creation.

Unfortunately, when the weather got bad and I had some health problems, I was not able to visit the cemetery every day and only stopped by his grave periodically."

She glanced at the line in front of us, saw there was still time to talk unhurried, and continued:

"On February 14 of last year, I went and sat by my husband’s grave. I had not been to the cemetery in a couple of weeks and saw that the ground near the headstone had been churned-—as the workers had been digging plots next to his.

Centered on the ground near the base of his headstone, I noticed a golf ball-sized rock protruding from the soil. I reached down, lifted the rock, and was amazed when I realized that it was in the perfect shape of a heart. My real heart pounded fast and I was so happy.

Despite his distaste for the holiday, I just knew that he had found a way to show me his love and give me one last Valentine's day treasure."

I thanked her for sharing the story, and when she was done checking-out, I said good-bye and wished her well.

I hope that Valentine’s Day holds special memories for everyone--now and 50 years from today.


On a lighter note, Houston Police Department Recruiter Officer Mike McCoy has a very funny police blog. To be an effective police recruiter, you most certainly need to be personable and have a great sense of humor—-Officer McCoy seems to have both and attracts readers from around the globe.

Take a look at his Friday post--a tongue-in-cheek video primarily featuring the driving skills of persons he describes as those who have not attended their academy.

Perhaps if your significant other has these driving deficiencies, you should plan on sitting behind the steering wheel as you all go on that romantic Valentine’s Day dinner date.

Note: I needed every minute of the driver training provided to recruits in the police academy-—as my talents are best displayed in foot pursuits. I would excel in tricycle chases as well...


Tell Me Wonders said...

Wow, that story's incredible. It's amazing the things that can happen even when it seems like someone's gone, and it's especially encouraging to know that true love can still live after deaths...

And I just wanted to thank you for keeping up with my blog and reading my entries; it really means something to know that you're actually taking the time to read my rambling thoughts. God bless!

Slamdunk said...

Thanks for the kind words TMW.

copswife said...

What a sweet story. I, too, have a heart shaped rock that means something to me. But my story isn't as meaningful as that.

Also, I want to thank you for reading and commenting at my blog too!