Weekend Nights in Policing and Football Talk

Since it is the weekend, here is an example of the drunk driver that is easy for police to apprehend--persons that keep officers busy on Friday and Saturday nights:

For those with no interest in football, you can stop reading now.

Ok, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers made a shocking personnel move this week when they released 14-year veteran linebacker Derrick Brooks. They also let go three other older starters from last year’s team including LB Cato June, RB Warrick Dunn, and WR Ike Hilliard.

I wanted to hear some different perspectives before passing judgment on these decisions, and several NFL analysts concluded that the Brooks and June moves were made as the team transitions to a new defensive scheme and no longer have a need for undersized fast linebackers.

I think the release of Brooks will be watched closely. If he retires, then I think the Bucs will be off the hook. In contrast, if he plays for another team this year and has success, I believe the criticism of current ownership will almost insurmountable, and coupled with ownerships questionable decisions of late and reputation as being cheap, they will likely sell the team.

I think the June release was ok-—he seemingly made careless mistakes (e.g. penalties, missed tackles) and did not play well last year. I would rather the team handled the release of Brooks differently—-rather than just another note on cuts on the transition page. He will be elected to the pro football hall of fame in a few years, and was one of the core group of players that helped turned the organization from a bunch of losers into a respectable franchise.

Dunn is a great human being, but at the end of his career, and is just a 3rd down option now.

I was surprised by the Hilliard release. He was productive in his playing time, had a good rapport with the QB, and made tough inside catches. At least with the LBs, it can be argued that those currently on the roster were too small for the new defense. Hilliard is not too small, and there is no one on the roster that looks promising as a replacement. The Bucs may regret releasing him.

What does all this mean? Here are three thoughts:

--The team is in rebuilding mode and will win 4-6 games next year.

--They had better be seen as aggressively pursuing free agents with the release of name players.

--Since the team has the most cap space of any team it best be perceived as aggressively recruiting players. Unfortunately, the Bucs will need to spend just to save face with fans.

In closing, my prediction that the Bucs will first draft a defensive player now is looking pretty good. With the events of this week, a linebacker is most appealing--since 2/3 of their starting LB core is now on the unemployment line.


copswife said...

OK, so I know nothing about tactics, but that tiny room!! If the drunk decided to get rowdy, if he had been capable of getting rowdy or making a decision, I mean, the officer would have been trapped back behind that counter. There was barely room for him to get past to get behind the counter!

Was that a real police video?

mrs. fuzz said...

That's so sad, but I also thought it was pretty funny.

Slamdunk said...

The video (I found it on several other sites, but with no information on where it came from) may be real or staged, but what I really wanted to offer was a perspective of how officers easily nab the really drunk driver (as portrayed in the video). In contrast, it is much more difficult to apprehend those over the legal limit, but who are not falling over themselves.