I'd Have a Million Dollars

The general public’s anger with the economic situation and the large opposition to the bailouts represent a depressing situation. Fortunately among the sadness, sprinkles of humor exist.

On the funny side, blogger Shotgunwildatheart has a hilarious post that includes information on CNBC’s financial experts and their predictions (or lack thereof) of the present economic recession. His writing features links to two YouTube videos, including this one from the Jon Stewart Show:

My favorite part of the clip is when Jon Stewart states:

If I only had followed CNBC’s advice I’d have a million dollars today…provided that I started with $100 million dollars.

How do they do it?
Trying to gauge this market as a short-term buying opportunity or a pull-out everything and put it under the mattress is difficult. At least being able to laugh on occasion has offered some relief.


mappchik said...

The Stewart/Cramer back & forth has been quite entertaining. I've never been a fan of Cramer. Couldn't make it past the shouting and gimmicks long enough to pay attention to financial advice - assuming I'd wanted to.

Thanks for sending me over to Shotgun's site. I like what I've read/heard so far.

Slamdunk said...

Your welcome Mappchik. The Cramer-Stewart feud has really taken off now--glad Shotgun was ahead of the curve.

mrs. fuzz said...

that was a funny clip. Exactly my thoughts. and madoff is saying that 65 million is his? not stolen money? when i heard that I thought, "isn't 65 mill enough?! did you really need more than that?!" Seriously.