Part I: Brianna Maitland Missing Person

This is the first post in my series on the Brianna Maitland missing person case. As with the Ray Gricar discussion, I hope to provide insight into the case from someone with a policing background. Also, similar with Gricar’s disappearance, I have no connection to the family, investigators, or witnesses and am basing my perspectives on the information publicly available. In contrast with the Gricar case, I will not spend as much time exploring possible scenarios, but instead will focus on several facets of the Maitland case that I found specifically interesting.

The Case Details
At the time of her disappearance, Brianna Maitland was 17 years old and lived with a roommate in an apartment in Sheldon, Vermont. She reportedly had moved out of her parent’s house as a show of independence and was interested in attending another high school in the area. She lived in a couple of places in the area before moving in to the apartment in Sheldon. Instead of finishing high school, Maitland decided to take her GED. She reportedly had just passed her GED exam, and told her mom that she wanted to continue working and enroll in college part-time.

On March 19, 2004 around 11:30 pm, Maitland left her dishwashing job at the Black Lantern Inn (now called the Montgomery House Bed and Breakfast) in Montgomery, VT. It has been reported that Brianna had been invited to stay for a late dinner with coworkers, but stated she was tired and had to work early the next day at a second job. Maitland’s apartment was in a neighboring town and she was supposed to be headed there that night.

When she did not arrive that evening or the next day, her roommate was not specifically worried and had assumed she was staying back at her parent’s house. After not hearing from her for several days, the roommate called Maitland’s parents and it was then that they realized that she was missing.

Unknown to the family at the time, Maitland’s four-door green 1985 Oldsmobile had been found abandoned at an old abandoned farmhouse property that sat along Rt. 118. This location is less than two miles from her place of employment. State police had towed the vehicle on March 20 thinking it was related to a hit-and-run collision.

The Oldsmobile was found with minor rear end damage backed into an old barn on the property. Inside the vehicle were two of Maitland’s uncashed paychecks. Further, some of her belongings were found on the ground outside the car. The family and investigators reported that she left behind her contact lenses, clothing, medicine, driver’s license, and other personal effects.

Authorities and volunteers searched the area of the farmhouse and other places in the region multiple times, but Brianna was never found. Several reports stated that police were suspicious of the accident scene and believed it to be staged. Also, authorities initially felt that Brianna had left the area voluntarily and did not discuss her as a possible crime victim until later in the search.


Several aspects of the Maitland case make it fascinating:

--The victim’s interactions with others in developing potential motives.

--Similarities to another missing person case involving a missing young woman near Montgomery only a few weeks before Maitland’s disappearance.

--The history of the farmhouse location where the car was recovered.

--The confusion that contributed to the delay in actually realizing that she was missing and that authorities had towed her vehicle.

Finally, I’ll cover perhaps the most intriguing detail of Brianna Maitland case next time: the public can view the photo of the crime/incident scene as taken by a citizen.

I’ll continue Brianna’s case next week.


copswife said...

How sad, either way. What a pretty girl

Oz Girl said...

Very sad indeed, yet intriguing. I'll be interested to read your follow-up! Side note: a shame to hear the Jerome State Park is closed for renovations, we've never actually gone into the state park, just the town itself. Thanks for visiting my blog!

J. J. in Phila said...

"Intriguing" is right. I've heard a similar story, from either VT or NH. I think the girl was a college student. Do I remember correctly?

Slamdunk said...

Your welcome OG. I think it is the tacky marketer in me that tries to create a cliffhanger.

JJ: Ha-you are stealing my thunder. Good memory. The other missing woman's name is Maura Murray and I'll discuss the two cases in a future post.

Anonymous said...

please continue on with this story. Thank you

Slamdunk said...

Thanks--I am up to 8 posts and expect to have 2 to 3 more at least.

Anonymous said...

This is a cliffhanger, please have mercy and write some more.......

Slamdunk said...

Anonymous: I have posted 10 more writings on the Maitland case. From the homepage, just click the "Brianna Maitland" keyword on the left of the page and it will display all of the related posts.