Tuber of the Week #4: Spring Twisters

Having spent most of my childhood in Oklahoma, tornadoes and severe weather were just part of life during those times. In grade school, I can still remember putting my hands on my head and sitting with my knees bent suffering through more tornado drills than we ever had to practice building evacuations for fires.

Since all of my family left the Sooner state in the 1990s, our old hometown has sadly been hit hard by several fierce twisters. In fact, one of the storm systems involved an F5 tornado that produced the fastest wind speed ever recorded on earth (318 mph as recorded at the Oklahoma City airport).

Today’s video of the week involves an F2 tornado last year in Western Kansas as filmed by weather photographer and storm chaser Jim Reed. He is able to get very close to the action and gets his dream photo opp (taken between the 3:15 and 4:00 mark on the clip):

I found Jim Reed’s photography website and it has some amazing images (including his tornado close encounter).

One other note, his partner for the day of the featured video was an intern—-some learning experience that she was able to share with her peers especially when they asked: “so, what did you do this summer?”


Expat From Hell said...

Chilling stuff, and great photography. Driving around in these parts scares the hell out of me. I suppose one day one of these twisters and I will meet up.
Also notice that you are reading some great books. Still haven't tried Hillerman, but now that he's gone I may take your recommendation.

Keep up the good work.


Slamdunk said...

Thanks--Hillerman's interest were anthropology and sociology and they dominate each of his novels. I need to add my current read a crime mapping book, but I doubt it would appeal to anyone else.