Been Tagged

EPH recently tagged me as an inspirational blogger (thanks), and then challenged me to identify six talented writers of my own. The far-reaching goal of this endeavor seems to be strenghtening ties in the blogging community--sort of like a National Night Out Against Crime Barbecue or something.

He further stipulated that I can’t know any of the writers named, which I’ll interpret as blogs that I have not visited prior to the tagging.

In addition, I was requested to list 6 things that make me happy. Here goes:

• Solving a mystery (even just the small ones)
• Hiking with the family
• Playing football in the backyard like I am 6 years old again
• Smelling the grass on a baseball field
• Standing in spots made famous in American history
• Winning a foot pursuit

Due to time constraints, my list will likely be limited to less than six bloggers, but I’ll do some searching and see what I find. I’ll post an update soon.

2 comments: said...

solving a mystery and winning a foot pursuit tied into one sounds like some good old sherlock fun.

hmmmm, makes me wish i had time to read a real book.

Slamdunk said...

Ha. I am actually enjoying my few months of reading for fun--that all changes in August.