Deviant Volunteers Needed—Suction Cups Not Provided

When I worked as a patrol officer, I remember handling my fair share of thefts of and from tractor trailers. Honestly though, I can say that I never investigated a theft from a commercial truck that was moving at the time of the crime:

They were daredevil highwaymen whose meticulously planned motorway heists combined precision driving with death-defying acrobatics.

On Friday Spanish police made a series of arrests in and around Madrid detaining 23 members of a gang who they say specialized in robbing moving trucks without the drivers noticing.

The Civil Guard believe the the gang crisscrossed the country and pulled off more than 50 thefts from trucks in a two-year crime spree that brought them millions of dollars.

With little apparent thought for their safety the thieves often targeted trucks at night on quiet stretches of motorway.

The gang used a car to overtake and then pull in front of a lorry, forcing it to slow down. Other gang members in following pick-up trucks would then draw up behind the truck.

A daring robber would walk down the bonnet of the pick-up and leap from it and on to the back of the moving truck.

Using a rope or a suction cup device to hang on, the thief then used either a battery-powered grinder or a crowbar to pry open the truck's rear doors.

Other members of the gang clambered across the bonnet of the pick-up truck and jumped into the back of the big rig.

They then passed back the loot, which was often computers, mobile phones, brand-name clothes, sunglasses or perfumes.

The stolen goods were immediately packed into waiting boxes in the back of the pick-up truck, ready to be sold on.

Once the thieves were satisfied, or the lorry emptied, the gang sped off. Sometimes several pick-ups would be filled from the back of a single moving truck…
I am sure the gang leaders selected the first guy to jump onto the back of the truck based on expendability rather than athletic prowess:

“Hey, we are going to try to hit that truck while its being driven on Highway 12 tonight. You tell Jr. to put down his Nintendo WII and practice more with those suction cups that we gave him—-I am really not convinced that this plan is going to work.”


mrs. fuzz said...

Wow. It seems like I've seen that on a movie somewhere. . . I'm sure of it!

outandaboutagain said...

Funny and weird and a tad scary too! Imagine what they could do to a car, suction themselves right on top and maybe then inside too.

crane trucks said...

hmmmm... very interesting post... keep it up.