One Instance when Cleanliness Was Not Next to Godliness

Note: Unfortunately, the news article used in this post was only available in a password-protected website. As a result, I am unable to provide a full Internet link to the story.

I have been told that the more preparation invested in committing a crime, the less likely the perpetrators are to be apprehended by police. This common-sense thinking can also be inversely applied (meaning no preparation equals high risk of being caught) as was evidenced recently by these two Mensa member offenders:

…Tabitha Swafford and boyfriend Kip Roy Deitterick allegedly hatched the idea to fake the robbery during a series of phone calls.

The pair conspired to rob the new hotel while the newly hired Swafford, was on duty Wednesday night.

Deitterick planned to find a lift to the business, don an orange hunting mask, and rob Swafford, 21, when she was alone at the front desk.

Once there, he sent a text message to Swafford saying "he was in the parking lot and wanted to know what time he should come inside and she told him 'whenever.'"

Deitterick pulled the knit mask over his face, then went inside and told her, "Give me all your money."

Back outside, he took Swafford's car and drove away from the scene while she called police to report the robbery….

Swafford later called Deitterick when she knew police were on to her, authorities say.

He later told authorities that's when he tossed the $200 take and the mask out of the car near a local bridge and went home.
What made police suspicious that the clerk was involved in an inside-job robbery? Perhaps, it was this little detail:

…But after responding officers arrived and told Swafford not to touch anything, a video clip shows her walking to the front of the counter and wiping down the spot where the robber had just been standing…
Yes, that is correct, in full-view of the mounted security cameras, the clerk decided to provide some extra buffing to the front counter area where that silly robber remembered his mask, but forgot his gloves.

Score one for the authorities as both participants were arrested—-though I doubt any “Detective of the Year” honors will be awarded based on cracking this case of felonious buffoonery.


Oz Girl said...

Hahahahaha, I just love the dumb crook stories. Some are SO stupid, you really wonder. :-0

Cindy Beck said...

You do have to wonder. Sounds like those two wouldn't have enough sense to come in out of the rain, either.

Good post!

Christopher said...

I once had a kid commit a burglary at his neighbor's house and then walk back home.

Of course, it was January. Chicago-area. With 6 inches of snow on the ground.

Why do they make it so easy sometimes?