Tuber of the Week #7: Musical Talent

Browsing music videos on YouTube has reminded me of how many talented yet unknown musicians there are in the world. I have listened to and watched unbelievable vocalists. I have stared in amazement at guys and gals perform musical magic on pianos, guitars, and even cellos. I have been very impressed.

One challenge that wanna-be great guitar players will measure their abilities is by attempting to play Joe Satriani’s instrumental hit of the late 1980s entitled “Always with Me, Always with You.” When performing this song, the artist will have another performer(s) or a recording handle the rhythm guitar part, while he/she concentrates on the notes for the difficult lead.

In jaw-dropping amazement, a Spanish guitarist named Carlos Vamos wrote an adaptation that blends both parts of the Satriani tune into a one-guitar performance.

Here is Vamos’s version of Joe Satriani’s Always with Me, Always with You performed using an acoustic Gibson Hummingbird—rhythm and lead on one guitar.

And to think, I saw another video of Vamos performing on a busy street somewhere in the Netherlands or something with people strolling about their business. Occasionally, a dollar bill would be dropped into a hat adjacent to the performers. My only thought was “wow.”


Oz Girl said...

Wow, he is amazing. Beautifully done.