Tuber of the Week #8: Motivation

I believe there are several positive themes included in this week’s highlighted video. I want to focus on one thing that I struggle with on occasion: motivation. When looking for a reason to run or otherwise push myself, thinking of father and son running team Dick and Rick Hoyt is always an effective kick in the gluteus maximus motivator.

“Dad when I am running, it feels like my disability disappears.” --Rick Hoyt of Team Hoyt

After completing over 200 triathlons (triathlon distances very, but the Ironman Triathlon consists of a 2.4 mile or 3.86 km swim, a 112 mile or 180.25 km bike and a marathon of 26 miles 385 yards or 42.195 km) and 65 marathons together, the competitive fires still burn for this inspirational tandem.

I found the last two plus-minutes of the clip to be especially powerful.

Motivated now?

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Anonymous said...

running and pushing a jog stroller is difficult, but pooling a boat while swimming? wow!

mrs. fuzz said...

LOVE this story. I remember seeing it a few years ago and then on Oprah and am so glad that it is still out there. So inspirational. Makes me get all chocked up everytime I see it. Thanks for posting it.

Sandra G. said...

I find it hard to watch this story without tearing up. It's a great motivational video.

mappchik said...

I've seen Team Hoyt's story before, but still... wow.

Getting myself out there isn't bad, but sometimes it's tough to find the motivation to get out there with the kids. There's so much extra that goes into running/riding with them, both from a mental and "stuff" angle.

This is a humbling kick-in-the-seat. It may not be easy hauling up a hill with the trail-a-bike behind me, but my little girl is always pedaling her hardest to try & help. The boys may not be able to run as fast or as far as I like to, but we have the most wonderful conversations when we go.

I should roll my gratitude for those things into getting them out on the trail with me as often as possible.