An Upcoming BYOB Opportunity

During a spontaneous road trip to pick-up some furniture this week, a hutch and headboard that I needed every millimeter of our vehicle to fit (I should have taken more physics classes), I noticed the following message written on a sign for a local business:

This Thursday 10 pm to 1 am BYOB!

The message immediately prompted me to place a cell call to the Mrs.:

Slamdunk: {{sound of dialed phone ringing and then being picked-up}} Hiya honey. I have got fantastic news.

The Mrs.: What…{{in an annoyed tone}}

Slamdunk: Clear your calendar Thursday night ‘cause I am taking you out.

The Mrs.: We already did that a few days ago, remember? You stopped and got Chinese food on the way home from the mall on Mother’s Day. Well technically, since you forgot your wallet and I had to pay, I treated on that date.

Slamdunk: We have the best quality time—-who cares who actually pays right? No, this is even better. I am taking you to the place where we held our wedding rehearsal dinner: the place where a kid, like me, can be a kid.

Mrs.: {{sighs}} Yes, Chuck E. Cheese’s Pizza; you were the champ that night. I think your name is still listed as high score on the Galaga game machine.

Slamdunk: I’ll never forget that night of memories. I think that the dinner and video game entertainment were only topped by the next night at the ceremony--held at our local fire hall.

The Mrs.: Yes, too bad the event room at the fire hall was booked. I have to give those firefighters credit though, the garage was sparkly clean for us. Too bad your brother had that reaction to the exhaust fumes from the trucks—-poor guy was coughing so hard I thought we were going to have to give him oxygen.

Slamdunk: I think the real world air was good for him. Anyway, I knew you would be as pumped as I am about a late night at the Cheese. I am not sure we can get someone to watch the kids on this short notice, but heck, they go to bed before 10 pm anyway. We just lock all the doors, they’ll sleep, and we can stay at the business until 1 pm and help the employees close the door.

The Mrs.: I’m not so sure about that. Hopefully, no one we know will see us there.

Slamdunk: Ok, I’ll make a deal with you. If we see anyone we know, I’ll work it out with the management there that I can quickly suit up in the mouse outfit and entertain the customers.

The Mrs: {{gagging sound}} Yes, your dancing talents are legendary. I don’t think my street cred can get any closer to zero, but hanging around you is sure testing that theory.
Ok I confess, all of the preceding dialogue was fake (except for forgetting my wallet on Mother’s Day to pay for dinner) and this was my weak attempt at humor. The only truth to the story is that I did see the sign and did call the Mrs.

As I railed before on Chuck E. Cheese (for being caught selling alcohol to minors at a location near Chicago), they need to decide on what their brand is and stick with it. If they want to retain the family-friendly emphasis, complete with no violent or bad-language video games, then management should not be promoting a BYOB gathering for adults only--it simply dilutes their brand.

At least if gang members do hang-out at a Chuck E. Cheese—they could argue they are simply there for the adult beverages and Ms. Pacman tournaments that start at 11 pm.

If the owners of the Cheese want to host adult parties, then change the name and the sign on the door to something else or develop a new marketing pitch.


mappchik said...

Wow. The hubby will need to cross "oops! forgot my wallet" off his list of unique date night charms. (Yes, it's happened several times.)

Not only did you liven up my morning coffee with a good laugh, if you substitute burgers at Ted's Grill for Chinese at the mall, you described Mothers' Day festivities here. Makes for great material in writing the loving note inside this year's Fathers' Day card.

Meadowlark said...

I was getting ready to send you a scathing "cut that out" comment as far as dating goes. Glad to see (most of it) was in jest. ;)

We do yard work on Mother's day. My choice. The only day I can get everybody to work without complaint or quitting early. :)

PS. I hate Chuck's. I have a phobia about people in animal costumes. Weird, huh.

Expat From Hell said...

The strangest in American icons, in my opinion. Always freaked me out in there. My kids, too. Glad that the Texas outlets have beer taps -that's the only thing that saved me during the child-rearing years. Also significantly improved my Skee-ball scores.
Good post. You are funny, indeed.


Snow said...

Thanks for visiting my photo blog. It's cool that you do a missing persons Mondays. I'll be back to check it out.

I train tracking dogs and enjoy taking photos, my dogs track anything and everything, including missing persons - usually we find them after all life is gone.

Best, Snow.

Slamdunk said...

Thanks for the feeback Snow.

The question of the capabilities of search dogs used in missing person and cadaver searches has been asked to me a few times--I should let you handle those questions from now on-haha.

Have a good weekend.

Slamdunk said...

MC: Yes, I expect to get a bill or two enclosed in my father's day card.

EPH and ML: Yes, the whole robot and costumed characters at the Cheese is a bit spooky for me as well.

fayezie said...

why would it be BYOB if they already serve beer there?
and a BYOB party from 10pm to 1am means one thing to me: strippers? is that possible?

what the heck, i'm all confused now....

Slamdunk said...

Faye: Since Chuckster is a franchise, each location can decide whether its owner wants to have a license to sell beer or not.

The location that I mentioned with the after hours party does not have a beer license and uses the BYOB to get around the regulations. The last B can mean liquor and is not limited to beer in this state.

I did not think of strippers; interesting. I can imagine a rowdy crowd of young buzzed adults holding one dollar bills and shouting at Chuck who is dancing with a pole--now that would be a sight...