A Witty and Humorous Group

In my observation, one specific group of society that is always humorous and worth listening to: police spouses. Cast into a peculiar culture (one that he/she may not have fully understood initially) that includes a heavy social stigma, these folks can truly have unique and enjoyable perspectives on the profession and life.

I have found many of the blogs of police spouses to be as I expected—downright funny.

Here are three bloggers that made me laugh:

This week, Erin at The Fierce Beagle blog defined “faffing” as a useful behavioral term. She then provided examples of how her officer husband exemplified the word with his style of accomplishing home improvements. The resulting post was simply hilarious—though a bit too close to home for me.

Mrs. Fuzz’s periodic updates on some of the characters in her husband’s police training class have been very funny. Her Friday post, describing a sound mathematical calculation that converts her husband’s meaning of time into real time was entertaining.

Meadowlark, over at Just Wandering through, always has something witty to say. She recently allowed readers a peek at her husband climbing a tall tree to trim back branches—when predictably, some of the falling wood hit a little too close to the Mrs.

Since this post is no longer available to the public, here is a video of her young son managing to crack the family up during the very serious and silence-demanding performance of the US Marine Silent Drill Team at 8th and Eye in Washington, DC.

Great posts from these writers—keep up the excellent blogging!


Meadowlark said...

You're so sweet. (for the record that video is generic 8th & I... YoungSon was a toddler in the pre-video days!)

I too am finding that I really enjoy other LEO spouses...the forums never seemed to fit because people acted a certain way when they were there, but via blogs you get to meet the person (sort of) and actually develop relationships.

Peace to you, my friend!

Erin said...

What a fine group to find myself in. Thanks for the shout out!