Careless Burglars and Scary Police Calls for the Midnight Shift

Another not so swift burglar is apprehended in the big city:

It's that same old song and dance; cell phones just keep coming back to bite criminals in the rear end. Now, you can add a bumbling burglar in Yonkers, New York to this infamous list.

Yesterday reported that 48-year-old Charles Perkert allegedly broke into a Chinese restaurant and left his cell phone at the scene. Cops found the phone and began scanning through its contacts list. When they came to 'Mom's number,' an officer dialed and asked the lady on the other end how he could return the phone to her son.

The woman unknowingly led the cops right to her son's front door, where they arrested Perkert and charged him with third-degree burglary.
After answering alarm calls on the overnight shift for years, I was shocked to see first-hand the unsanitary conditions of some of the eateries in my jurisdiction at 2 am.

If Perkert would have left his cell phone at several of the restaurants in my district, the creepy crawlees would have likely carried it off along with the all the other food that was left scattered on tables, counters, and other open places after closing time.

My experience was certainly enough for me to want to dine-in more frequently.

On a related note, I think it would be interesting to see how restaurants would score on surprise sanitary inspections during the early morning hours—-sort of a light-switch test. It could even be just a pass-fail grade.


Natalie said...

What a classic burglar story. Sigh.

As for unsanitary eateries, I'm a firm believer in ignorance being bliss, but I also REALLY like to savor my food and think about it, so knowing that it came from questionable conditions makes me grateful that I haven't eaten fast food in awhile!

fayezie said...

off topic question- i've been trying to figure this out-- are you an still an officer or are you in investigation/detective?

Slamdunk said...

Natalie: My dad goes by the same ignorance is bliss strategy with eating as well. He has decided that if he suirvived 30 years of eating and drinking the worst of the worst in the Marine Corps did not kill him, than everything else is not so bad.

Faye: I left policing when the Mrs. and I decided to start a family and move closer to her family. It took me almost 5 years to get enough senority to get off the overnight shift, and I just did not have the heart to start over again in a new place.

I guess, in sum, I am a has-been police officer.

Oz Girl said...

LMAO re: the dumb burglar story. It's rather startling how many dumb people there really are out there...

And I'm with you on the eateries. Like Natalie said, ignorance probably is bliss in this case. But sometimes I can't ignore what I see. Ew.

Oz Girl said...

Oh, forgot to tell you to have a nice weekend travelling wherever you are travelling to! :)

Sandra G. said...

Ugh - the midnight crawlies sure are disgusting in some restaurants, aren't they?

mrs. fuzz said...

All this thinking of unsanitary eateries leaves me with a frownie face. Last night I went to the store to get 2 pounds of spinach. I decided to get the cheapest prepackaged leaves. I grab a bag and inside is a giant moth type bug. And it was still alive!! I didn't know whether to be impressed that it must've been recently packed fresh since it was still alive, or to begin vomiting all over the floor. I should've taken a picture with my cell, but I was a little on the grossed out side and I went to the nearest employee and just sort of made grunting sounds and pointed at the bug and they knew what to do. Then it made me think of all the gross packaged food stories I knew of. Here's one that will make you think twice. My friend's uncle bought a bag or Cool Ranch Doritos and after eating the entire bag, saw that there was a dead mouse at the bottom of the bag. Another friend found chewed gum at the bottom of her Fritos bag, and the same friend bought a bag of cereal and there was dry wall chunks in it. I ate at a mexican restaurant once and ate half of an enchilada and then proceeded to pull out the LONGEST black hair out of my mouth. It seemed to keep going and going. The person it once belonged to must've had hair down to their ankles. GAG. Let me know if you want to hear more gaggable stories.

Slamdunk said...

Mrs. Fuzz: This talk is wonderful for my diet plans.