Follow-up on Trooper-Paramedic Incident

In a follow-up post on the videoed scuffle between two Oklahoma Highway Patrol troopers and a paramedic, more information was released this week on the incident. Authorities with the State (evidently reluctantly) made available the video of the incident from the trooper’s dashboard camera—something that I said should help or hurt the conflicting stories of those involved in the incident.

You can read the article by going to's coverage.

The dash-cam scenes are less dramatic as compared to the cell phone video that was first shown by media outlets, but this version does show the trooper's unit when it initially passed the ambulance--which is what started this mess.

After reviewing the tapes and statements, the county’s district attorney has refused thus far to pursue any criminal charges. The remaining news on this unfortunate situation should limited to two topics: 1) OHP’s findings for or against disciplining the troopers involved; and, 2) the resulting civil suit(s) that will occur from one or more of the parties involved.


fayezie said...

wha? wha? wha? the trooper passed the ambulance, went to his destination and THEN turned around to go back and pursue the ambulance?

is this a case of "small town cop" with nothing better to do?

Oz Girl said...

Personally, I think this whole incident does little more than highlight the arrogance and cockyness of the OHP. Perhaps it's just this one trooper, but he gives a bad name to the whole dept. I would not be looking forward to his assistance if I needed to call him for any help!