Tuber of the Week #12: Kids Behind Closed Doors

When the phrase “kids behind closed doors” is uttered, it usually has a negative connotation.

In contrast, a teen spending time in his or her room is not always a bad thing. Take the case of Mathieu Rachmajda of France who has spent long hours in the privacy of his own loft bedroom.

“What does he do up there” might have been a common phrase asked by visitors to his parents house. This question was likely answered quickly due to the wonderful sounds emanating from up the stairs.

You see, Rachmajda or MattRach as he is more commonly known is considered a music virtuoso. He invested his time behind the doors writing and performing songs. He began posting his creative music videos online at age fifteen. His videos are built around a diverse number of music styles, and he is commonly seen playing a variety of instruments—including his favorite: the guitar.

He also mixes in video editing for an entertaining final product.

Promoting yourself as a musician via the Internet is not for the faint of heart. After receiving consistent negative comments on his work to the extent of “Dude you have talent, but you sure are funny looking,” MattRach showed his sense of humor and posted a video and song entitled “Welcome in my Square Head.” He just rolls with the punches, and is not going to let words affect him.

What has all of this time alone spent in his small self-created musical studio produced?

How about this: over 40 music videos, a large fan-base from around the globe, a profitable selection of downloadable songs on ITunes, and a sponsorship from Fender Guitars. Also, in March of this year, MattRach announced that he started working on his first album release after reaching an agreement with Spidart.

Rachmajda shows us the good things that can go on upstairs with teens behind closed doors—a welcome respite in this day and age of depressing news headlines.


fayezie said...

ohhhh "flashback" to before the days of youtube and AOL was the only social networking, when I was a teenager and my younger brother had a band, and when he was alone he'd hide out in the basement for hours and hours recording one instrument at a time on the computer and then merging them to make a "song" or riff. (i'm not up with the lingo)

chuckmullis said...

What an awesome video and talented musician. I think this is gonna make my next Tunes for Tuesday edition. Thanks for commenting on my site!

Slamdunk said...

Your Welcome Chuck.

Faye: Funny stuff. Our concept of social networking during my youth involved writing the names and phone numbers on bathroom walls.