Vacation: Passed the Halfway Point

After reaching the midway point of the annual vacation, here are four ponderings that I have wrestled with:

1) At what age do you humans gain an aversion to cold water?

Our young kids and the others here (all under 10), could care less if the swimming pool is ice cold or not. They just jump in, perhaps give some yelps when surfacing from the frigid drink, and then go about their playing and laughing. Meanwhile, the adults dip a toe in the water, make groaning sounds, and contemplate a range of strategies that may effectively enable them to postpone swimming until the water reaches a reasonable temperature.

2) Why do I never check the bike rack until installing the mountain bikes just prior to leaving for a trip?

Note: three extra bungee cords were necessary to compensate for a missing piece on our drive from home.

3) How did the surfer-dude employee at a local gift shop keep a straight-face when replying to a woman’s question about how long the hermit crabs that they sell live?

He said:

“Wow, I have no idea. I do know that the little ones live longer.”

(hmm. Do you mean my young sons have a longer life expectancy than middle-aged me? Do tell…)

4) What triggers us to remember certain images, but not others?

In my mind, I can see lots of rather mundane memories--like the bland countryside from the passenger window while riding home with my dad after playing a baseball game in a place called Pauls Valley in 7th grade.

Yet, my brother tells me I was unstoppable when some of the guys that attended my wedding and I were playing basketball the day before the event. He said I barely missed a shot. Why do I have no memory of that?

Maybe I need less time thinking and more time being cannonballed by little ones in the hottub.


Erin said...

To try to be less of an adult dork, I've taken to just biting the bullet and freezing my [censored] off by jumping in the pool.

Also, the memory thing goes for meaningful moments too. My bff cherished something I said and I don't even remember saying it.

fayezie said...

they SELL live horseshoe crabs?

yes, if you were to put down the laptop, and run really fast you may discover your body's ability to stay warm once you land in that water... hey! what about the response we give to those kids when they DO squeal about cold water... "GET YOUR HAIR WET!"

Glad you are all having a great retreat!

Slamdunk said...

Nice catch Faye--I need an editor for this blog to catch my screw-ups. I meant hermit crabs and changed the post.

Ha--I'll have to use the "get your hair wet" crack tomorrow...

mappchik said...

The temps were a bit cooler than usual for June while we were in Nebraska, so I thought I'd have the kids skip swimming. My mom got a bit of amusement from my deep south perception of "too cold". Reminded me that when I was a kid in Illinois, she used her mother's temperature rule - 70 or above.

Mid to late afternoons, the three kids were gathered around the thermometer waiting for those last couple of degrees.

They did get to swim, but I was quite happy to work on a crossword puzzle from the poolside chairs... in a sweater.

Now that we're back home in hot & humid Atlanta, I'm glad to jump in the pool, whether the water's warm or not.

angelcel said...

Ponder 1: It's a highly scientific calculation to do with body mass to water temperature ratio. The larger the body mass, the colder the water feels. Beyond the age of about 9 this calculation becomes critical.
Ponder 2: Again, beyond the age of about 9 our brains start to go into overload. Anyone over 30 is working in damage recovery mode and so clearly something's got to give. In your case it's regularly failing to check the bike rack before road trips.
Ponder 3: It's a well known fact that too many blows to the head can alter brain function. As a surfer dude he's suffered more than his fair share of wipeouts, the consequence of which is many tons of rushing water pounding his brain. Give him some latitude (that's 'lat'itude, not attitude)- he's doing the best he can.
Ponder 4: As someone over 9 (well over 30 actually) who has suffered a couple of wipeouts, I have absolutely no idea. ... What was the question again?

Slamdunk said...

AC: Sounds like a great motivator for me to drop some pounds--instantly warmer water...

Erin: That (quick plunge into the cold pool) earns you the courage award around here.