Jeannie Benton's Summer

For most people, summer is meant for vacations to exotic and/or peaceful places.

Destinations where a person can forget about his/her daily concerns and perhaps partake in some selfish comforts.

That is not the case for Jeannie Benton. This summer the 51 year old is riding her bicycle from Astoria, OR to Portsmouth, NH to raise money for the non-profit Operation Life Transformed (OLT).

OLT is a 501(c)3 initiative that is operated by military spouses and war wounded caregivers. Founded in March 2007, the mission of Operation Life Transformed (OLT) is to provide education and resources to their military spouses and caregivers, and increase awareness of the long term needs of these families and support the military spouse and caregiver as they re-enter the workforce.

The organization's focus is to enable military spouses and caregivers to find accessible short term training certifications, with immediate career accessibility in fields that readily fit around permanent change of station, deployment, medical schedules, disabilities, future rehabilitation and transitioning, to create a portable lifestyle for the military family.

Jeannie currently riding through Wisconsin and you can follow her daily blog posts at this site.

You can also read more about supporting her cause by going here.

Cheers to Jeannie and OLT with their summer well spent--devoted to helping our military families.

Note: The image is from Jeannie's blog.


Anonymous said...

Slam Dunks, thank you for posting Jeannie Bentons Ride Across America and helping to spread the word !!! I would say this is the blog of someone with 'high' intelligence instead of 'questionable' !!!
Tania Mercurio, CEO, Operation Life Transformed.

Slamdunk said...

Thanks for the kind words Tania and keep up the good work you all do there.

Kristina said...

Thanks so much for Keeping up with Jeannie this summer- We are close to her homecoming to New Hampshire on Monday August 10th. Keep up with OLT we have more great events to come! Also great resources for military spouses for Education and Portable employment. I will let you know when our new spouses blog is running smooth!- Jeannie and the OLT has appreciated your continued and motivational support.
Kristina- Navy Spouse
OLT-National Outreach Program Manager

Slamdunk said...

Your welcome Kristina--thank you all for doing the good work that you do.