Tuber of the Week #15: Loud Bang Oops

On occasion, there will be a news story regarding an accidental discharge of a gun by a police officer. Firearms instruction varies by police agency, but one concept consistent in the curriculums is a strong emphasis on gun safety.

Recruits to thirty-year vets will hear phrases like the “laser rule” and “every gun is loaded” ad nauseum while in basic or annual police training. Yet at a significant number of departments that have buildings adjacent to gun ranges (where officers clean their weapons after practice shooting), a careful look at the walls or the floors may reveal one or more small circular holes in the flooring/paneling (a prankster at our building began circling them with a bright red marker)—evidence of an oops of the “loud bang” variety.

The following video is the most famous clip of a law enforcement agent illustrating why gun safety is important. This film is from 2004 and occurred in Florida during a drug education program for kids.

Note: My apologies to officers or anyone else around law enforcement who have seen this clip 2,000 times already-—but I think there is a large portion of the population that has not viewed it before.

I am still amazed that he tries to finish.

Interestingly, in 2006, the officer involved sued his employer regarding the damage to his image and career due to the video’s release to the general public.


angelcel said...

Unbelievable, doubly so because he continues with the talk! Apart from anything else - how emarrassing. He can console himself however that he very well illustrated the point he was trying to make and I bed those children won't ever forget it!

Katherine Mercurio Gotthardt said...

Nope, those kids will never, ever touch a gun.

And you know what? If that lesson worked, then the cop can feel good even if his foot didn't.

Have to see what happened to the lawsuit, now.

Cindy Beck said...

Oh my gosh! I think he should have ended right after shooting himself in the foot instead of trying to go on.

Just goes to show that it's easy to get complacent around guns.

Thanks for an interesting post!

(Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting. Glad you enjoyed those two posts.)

mappchik said...


That's one heck of a lesson the kids learned. He may be horribly embarrassed, but kudos to him for following the incident immediately with a calm "if it can happen to me..."

Natalie said...

Now that's staying focused and the epitome of "shaking it off" at least during the speech. Maybe his foot got infected because it wasn't treated quick enough and THAT made him file a lawsuit. Just a possibility! ;)

fayezie said...

uhh... at least a way to get his point across to impressionable kids! even professionals can't predict what might happen.

Reggie said...

Thank God, he was pointing it DOWN when he pulled the trigger - and not at the audience!

I also can't believe he just carried on with his presentation. Talk about single-minded focus!