Tuber of the Week #15: Three Minutes

One secret of parenting is buying three minutes of free time to accomplish some task. Whether the obligation is fun or mundane, distracting the curtain climbers for a short period can be a challenge.

Some parents rely on toys with flashing lights while others go for the traditional approach—a television displaying Barney, Elmo, or some other popular children’s show. For maybe the funniest and most innovative purchase of a few minutes of peace while traveling, Erin over at the Fierce Beagle had a priceless post.

For me (being less creative and having fewer well garments), I rely on the trusty laptop with Internet access for child entertainment. Whether traveling or enjoying the wireless router at home, sites like YouTube allow me to quickly choose from thousands of potentially interesting yet temporary distractions.

With that site, I can pick from a range of Wiggles show clips, popular kid movies like Monsters Inc., and animated commercials made by Pixar.

The end result is three or four minutes that I can use efficiently.

One of the little ones’ favorite videos over at the Tube is a song by musician Eric Herman. "The Elephant Song" leaves them laughing, trying to remember which animal is next, and enamored with the computer screen for, well, three minutes and six seconds. Herman’s tune is catchy, but I should warn you that it sticks—-you may be whistling it four hours from now:

Warning: This technique should not be overused as too much of a good thing is not without consequence as I learned the hard way. One time, I returned to my laptop after the kids did not apparently like the selected video I left them with to find that the youngest delinquent had pulled three keys out of my keyboard.

At least this learning experience allowed me to develop a marketable skill in computer repair.


Erin said...

How very clever! And thanks for the shout out.

Natalie said...

I immediately showed this to my little ones, and they were completely enthralled! In fact, my son had to look at the "related videos" at the end and watch more from Eric Herman. I had to make a post of my own becuase he was so cute about it (though not happy I took the computer away).

And thanks to you, Erin!

copswife said...

OK, I have no little ones but I LOVED that song and video.

Fantasia Lillith said...

I will send this to my brother.