Tuber of the Week #16: Crossing Lines?

Last week, I was intrigued by Mrs. Fuzz's post over at A Police Wife concerning a Middle Tennessee television station’s aired report after a Metro Nashville police officer was shot during a traffic stop.

The organization Police Wives, Inc. started a petition in protest of the following video—stating that the reporter’s visuals and commentary compromise officer safety.

Here is the excerpt:

Siding with Police Wives, the blog comments posted by readers at A Police Wife were also in agreement that the reporter provided too much information.

I posted the video over at to further promote the petition and to see what opinions would be voiced there—since I felt the station’s side (that they weren’t reporting anything not stated by the police chief during the shooting incident’s media briefing or revealing anything that cannot be found elsewhere) was reasonable as well.

Surprisingly, a large percentage of respondents did not feel the video compromised officer safety. The vast majority thought that specific areas protected by ballistic vests were common knowledge to the public or could be learned easily.

Personally, I thought the reporter went beyond what should have been stated. I spent a few minutes googling keywords to see what advice was online for causing harm to police, and did not find much with a cursory search.

If a picture is worth a thousand words than this report could certainly be considered supporting a “how to” for unsavory individuals interested in injuring law enforcement.

Whatever you believe, I do feel that the feedback on this video demonstrates a valuable point: How can police officers, police spouses, and police advocates all watch the same video, yet arrive at far different conclusions?

I think that is what makes the profession most exciting. It is not comprised of persons with exactly the same mindset, values, and “vanilla” opinions, but rather includes a wide range of perspectives from individuals certainly not afraid of sharing.

Police and supporters debating their differences leaves the profession stronger.


Debbie said...

Perception is reality...

How do 3 kids raised in the same family experience such different environments? Interesting stuff!

Wow - it is scary what the media offers as "news" and as the public's "right" to know. So much is revealed that many of us don't WANT to know - and that the bad guys thrive on...

Xiphos said...

Anyone who puts a little thought or research into body armor is going to figure all that out on their own. I still don't like the media chewing it up and regurgitating it for the masses though. They just make it more accessible for the thugs and degenerates, which sucks.

The biggest problem with your response was posting it at The forums there are full of posers and losers, I'm not sure any actual cops still go there.

Places like actually verify that people who claim to be LE actually are.

J. J. in Phila said...

I had trouble hearing the report, but I have seen similar ones. I would say that it is more in the "common knowledge" area.

There is another factor, however. Very few criminals practice shooting prior to their crimes. I doubt that this would be a major factor (or any factor) in the shooting of police officers.

Slamdunk said...

"The biggest problem with your response was posting it at The forums there are full of posers and losers, I'm not sure any actual cops still go there."

Thanks for your feedback Xiphos.

Perhaps your opinion is true about that site, but in the event of full disclosure it should be stated that you represent a competing website and that there is no way to prove the accusation.

I think I was inclusive of officer and non-officer supporters in my post in referring to those with opinions on the video at Officer as "respondents."

Natalie said...

More than anything, one needs to realize that the media is just that and is trying to appeal to the masses.

That said, how does the majority of society percieve police officers? I know that it wasn't until my husband became one that I saw them as regular people; before then they were either placed on a pedestal or on a most-hated list.

Like I said, appeal to the masses.