Tuber of the Week #17: Africa & Thunder

I always have liked the old song “Africa” by Toto. I thought the tune’s sound was unique--obviously, since it was created using a variety of instruments including a marimba and kalimba. It certainly was something different musically in a decade of guitar-smashing-big-hair-sound-a-likes.

Released in 1982, "Africa" reached #1 in 1983 on the Billboard charts.

It's gonna take a lot to drag me away from you
There's nothing that a hundred men or more could ever do
I bless the rains down in Africa, I bless the rains down in Africa
I bless the rains down in Africa, I bless the rains down in Africa
I bless the rains down in Africa
I was introduced to this version "Africa" over at Shotgun's blog.

The performance, by the Slovenian choir Perpetuum Jazzile, and their simulated thunderstorm routine is just fantastic:


Naomi Estment said...

Thank you for a great post. As a passionate South African, I LOVE this song! Many thanks also for visiting my blog and leaving a lovely comment :-)

JennyMac said...

WOW...ok, I will tell you that I did this simulated rainstorm at a cheerleading conference once. It was by far one of the neatest things I have ever participated in and have never to this minute seen anyone do it again until you posted this. This version is INCREDIBLE. I am going to pass this link out like candy today.

Slamdunk said...

Thanks for the feedback Naomi and JennyMac.

As an accomplished car and shower singer, the video has given me a new challenge while perfoming in those venues--and another reason for the rest of the family to say "hey shut-up in there!"

Erin said...

That was *AWESOME*! Great find! I'll definitely be linking to this.

Sandra G. said...

Thanks for the great post - I will have to share this with my son as AFRICA is his favorite sonmg and the thundershower will totally blow his mind!

angelcel said...

This is wonderful! Thanks for posting this!