Another Gun Range Suicide

I was sorry to hear that another suicide at a gun range, similar to an incident in Florida that I blogged about back in April, occurred this week in Ohio:

SHARONVILLE — A woman rented a handgun at an indoor shooting range, got some instructions on how to use it and then fatally shot herself, police said Monday.

Police in the Cincinnati suburb of Sharonville said they believe the woman committed suicide Sunday at Target World, a public range that sells and rents guns and has a dozen 25-yard target shooting lanes.

The 46-year-old woman, Ann Fukuyama, of Cincinnati, died at a local hospital, police said…
As I stated in my April post, being able to rent a gun for use at firing range will be as foreign of a concept as being able to pet a just-hatched dodo bird.

Since renting a gun and then using it to kill yourself seems to have become a morbid fad, I am shocked that insurers of shooting ranges would continue to insure these facilities that offer firearm rentals.


angelcel said...

Very sad - both that someone is depressed enough to take their own life, and for gun ranges across the country, because I agree with you, sky-rocketing insurance may put paid to many.

We have some world class shooters in this tiny island where owning a gun can *only* be for sport (general gun ownership is, as on the UK mainland, prohibited). My husband belongs to a pistol club and on an 'open day' a few years ago I did some target shooting with a .22 handgun. Although it doesn't appeal to me as a sport, and I have never been since, it certainly gave me an appreciation of what damage even a small gun can actually do.

I think it's a shame that two suicides and what may be a terrible trend may stop others from trying out shooting as a sport, or indeed to see how they feel about even carrying a hand gun at all.

For what it's worth, I believe that if someone wants to own a gun it should be an absolute pre-requisite that they have to have a certain amount of sessions at an accredited range first. (Just as you have to have lessons to get a licence to ride a moped ... considerably less dangerous than a gun). Am I right in saying that in the States all that is required is basically some paperwork and a bit of a wait???

Slamdunk said...

Angelcel: Thanks for the perspective. Yes, it varies by state here, but in general, if you want to purchase a handgun it just requires money, paperwork, and a some waiting.

With the relatively easy process here, I am not sure it would deter anyone interested in learning target shooting as they would likely go with a friend initially and use his/her gun.

My first time using a handgun was done this way many years ago--a friend brought his 9 mm Beretta to a local range and he coached me.

Despite what the range owners have been stating, I see this fad of renting a gun and killing yourself (or even worse as in the Florida incident: the lady renting a gun and then murdering someone else prior to shooting herself) as an enormous liability that will soon end this practice.

Sandra G. said...

RENTING a gun? I've never even heard of such a thing.

We are hard pressed to even find enough gun ranges here North of the border, let alone finding a place to lend you a weapon for the session.

Katherine Mercurio Gotthardt said...

How terrible!

I used to think letting people rent guns might help control gun usage, but I guess I overlooked the possibility someone might rent a gun for a VERY short-term purpose.

I wonder what the answer is, and I wonder when our country will take mental health a little more seriously.