Breaking Football News: Well Maybe

I again try my hand at investigative reporter...

I certainly hope that the guy arrested early this morning by the Florida Highway Patrol is not the same Aqib Talib who plays for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The arrested guy named Talib was charged with battery and resisting.

The team has already had to deal with injuries and a failed drug test this summer (which results in a suspension)--a first season which looks to be a challenge for head coach Raheem Morris.

The booking photo looks like the Buccaneers' Talib and the date of birth provided is one day off of what is listed for the player on

I have not seen any news reports on the story yet.


Update: The St. Petersburg Times confirmed the report of Talib's arrest a few minutes ago. It looks like I scooped them by about half-an-hour. Yes, I know--a small accomplishment.


Expat From Hell said...

Just be glad that Michael Vick decided to join another team. Bad karma like that only belongs in Philadelphia. I would rather pay attention to your writings about Brianna!


angelcel said...

Scoop! There is something very satisfying about being the first with a news story. :)

Sitting Pugs said...

According to this ESPN article, it's the same Aqib.

Stephanie Faris said...

A Titans football player was arrested this morning for DUI. I don't know much about sports...but it's all over the news here. I guess it happens all too often!

Sandra G. said...

Good scoop!