Part XVII: Brianna Maitland Missing Person

This is a continuation of my discussion with "Bob" about the Brianna Maitland missing person case.


ME: In our last discussion, we were discussing parties that Brianna attended or reportedly attended prior to her disappearance.

Related to that conversation, there was a party a few weeks earlier where I mentioned that she was in a fight. In fact, an investigative reporter wrote about that topic.

What is your take on that and how it may relate to Brianna?

BOB: The party was three weeks prior to the night Brianna disappeared and personally I feel it could be the best lead we have towards what happened to her. I have to make clear though, that what I know comes from talking with a few of Brianna’s friends at her parents request.

It was early 2005 I began making the calls… on my list were 4 or 5 individuals. Many grew up knowing and playing with Brianna.

The conversations were friendly, her friends very concerned; willing to help in any way they could. I was honest with them, I told them on the phone I did not work in law enforcement, nor as a PI, that I didn’t care what drugs they did, and like them I was just a a friend of the family trying to put together a profile of Brianna prior to when she went missing. This was the way it was with all my interviews.

Brianna got a ride with James to the party 3 weeks hence - either as an ex-boyfriend at the time, or as a friend. He was a past boyfriend, I know that, and perhaps we can go into that in more detail in another post.

It was pretty much the typical local group getting together, though a few of the new friends, up from NYC were also present I was told. Persons recall the party started early evening, going along well, when something “flirtatious” occurred. Brianna was involved.

Best as I could understand, either someone was flirting with James who brought her to the party, or Brianna was talking to another girls boyfriend and pissed someone off. Regardless, a situation developed.

Brianna, who hadn’t been feeling well period, left the party and sat in the James’ truck.

Two young women then went to the truck, a girlfriend she grew up with, Keely, and her cousin. The events as remembered by others are that: they started a fight with Brianna who’d been curled up in the truck sleeping, and later we found out, Brianna simply didn’t fight back.

When her parents asked her why? “Why didn’t she fight back,” she replied, “I could have really hurt them…”

What Brianna did do, I was told, she did file assault charges against the girls… she was accompanied by either her mother or a friend, I don’t recall. However, three weeks later, Brianna had disappeared. The charges are dropped or excused or disregarded. That confuses me… Slam, maybe you can offer a tip here:

ME: On dropping the charges: Yes. It varies by state and by criminal offense, but District Attorneys do have discretion in dropping criminal charges in cases where the victim is no longer able to testify and a significant portion of the prosecution's argument rests on his/her testimony.

BOB: Now the issue with that in my opinion is, since this was a good friend, and this good friend had other good friends, that there is something very significant here to consider. Brianna was beaten up pretty badly… it sent a shockwave through her community. It was a sign of change… of young people growing up.

Which raises the real question: what else was going on at that time… say during the previous 3 months or so… and I know there was plenty.


I'll continue next week with more from Bob, and thanks again to him for his insights.

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J. J. in Phila said...

If I understand correctly, there suddenly could be a motive in making Brianna disappear, to keep the charges from being pursued.

Not fighting back is also interesting, especially if she was badly beaten.

Bob said...

Photographs to prove it... Brianna's parents wanted to post them, but LE advised them not to...

I never saw the photo's myself...

There's this paradox in life that we can be easily intimidated into "hiding certain personal 'things'"

You know... something okay that someone else thinks is not okay... like myself, in ninth grade, 1969, I was told algebra was more important than a particular early computer I was fascinated with. It took 20 years+ for me to let myself get back into computers, and today, that's me!

I believe Brianna had a Black Belt in Judo... those details I didn't research, just that I know she was skilled in marshal arts.
Keely was a friend of hers... why would Brianna want to hurt her?

Why did Keely want to hurt Brianna?

As far as I was told except for the "flirtation", no fight occurred within the house itself. Brianna, not feeling well, left the house, to let it go.

Trouble came to her...

Midlife Jobhunter said...

I need to pay better attention to these writings. Sorry, but I did add you to my blog roll so you can get better responses than from people like me. Seems to be a most interesting topic for many.

Bob said...

To "Midlife jobhunter"... you're welcome here... no reason your input, comments, etc. isn't as valuable as someone else, even me. We need everyone who visits here to give their ideas...

Thanks for your positive endorsement!!!


Slamdunk said...

JJ: I think Bob is doing a good job of building a foundation to eventually discuss his ideas as to what happened to Brianna that night.

MJ: Thanks--I appreciate the help. I don't do anything important on this blog except for talking about cold missing person cases that are almost forgotten. Whenever the national media mentions one of these cases, I know as this blog will get multiple hits from readers wanting more information.

The families of these people have certainly not forgotten--the cases are very sad.

Anonymous said...

Hello. Have there ever been any pictures posted of the ex boyfriends and what they drove? James who? Curious.