Tuber of the Week #19: Worst Pitch

This past week, the eight-year old boy got to throw out one of the ceremonial first pitches at a local minor league baseball game. It was a thrill for him, and the team treated him and the Mrs. like royalty--including gifts of autographed baseballs, hats, radio time, and seats alongside a buffet spread in one of the VIP boxes.

Unfortunately, I know all of this second-hand as I was at home (aka the mini-correctional facility complete with barbed wire, roving guard dog patrols, and sniper towers--ok maybe not quite) minding the little delinquents and keeping them from any major acts of destruction.

If it were me on that mound, I would have debated too much between my knuckle-curve and my split-fingered fastball, but my son with his best and only pitch--a straight change-up.

The Mrs. did tell me that the little guy's pitch was on target and that the team's catcher did not have to move much to glove the lobbed ball--everyone applauded his effort.

The eight year old's big night at a baseball game reminded me of the following video. It involves a memorable ceremonial first pitch tossed by the mayor of Cincinnati, Mark Mallory, at a Reds game this April.

I say memorable with a chuckle because this politician's throw has been dubbed the "worst ceremonial first pitch ever."

The pitch itself is funny, but evidently Mr. Mallory was given a chance to redeem himself later on the Jimmy Kimmel show--the result was equally disastrous.

The line by Michael Wilbon, of ESPN's Pardon the Interruption, describing the impact of the incident tongue-and-cheek is funny:

...If that was your pops... and your father came home, you would try to get the locks changed...

I am not sure what strategy of damage control that Mr. Mallory's political advisers could have used to try and save face from the pitching debacle--other than banning him from even attending any future sporting events until he leaves office...


mappchik said...

Glad to hear your son's experience was a great one, and that his pitch was nothing like the one in the video.

As for the video, I'm sure there's loads of witty connections to be made about a politician's brain & the inability to throw straight... but it's gonna take a few more cups of coffee before I can come up with any.

Erin said...

Ooooh oh oh. Poor, poor man. Poor man.

Congrats on the kid's success!

angelcel said...

That's exciting for your little boy - hope you got your own video to remember the event.

Gosh, I think that man is as good at baseball as me! ;)

fayezie said...


Now I'm in the mood to go throw something.

Cindy Beck said...

Oh my gosh, you have to feel sorry for the Mayor. It looks to me like he never played baseball as a kid.

Glad your boy had a successful first pitch! He's probably a great ball player.

Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting about the possibility of my mom throwing out a first pitch! She can't do any worse than the Mayor, huh? :)

Roberta said...

Not sure I want to be compared to the Mayor. Perhaps your son can give some pointers to someone age 73 who has never played baseball.
Thanks for sharing the video.

Slamdunk said...

You'll do fine Roberta.

Assuming you throw right handed, just point your left hand and left foot at the catcher as you step and throw the ball--you'll be suprised how much that helps with accuracy.