Why Yellow is the New Green

One environmental group has a suggestion regarding how to conserve water in Brazil and help the rainforests:

It sounds a wee strange, but a leak can save lots of water. That's the message an environmental group is sending in a new ad campaign.

Spots running on several Brazilian TV stations promote urinating in the shower.

In one commercial, animated characters such as King Kong, a trapeze artist, a basketball player and an alien show viewers how it's done -- usually in silhouette behind a shower curtain...

Children's voice narrate as a bouncy tune is strummed in the background. At the end, the kids shout: "Pee in the shower! Save the Atlantic rainforest!..."

The group says eliminating just one toilet flush a day can save more than 1,100 gallons of water in a year.
I was excited about this tidbit until I remembered who usually is the designated shower scrubber in our family--argh!

Evidently, George Costanza was right after all:

GEORGE(on intercom): Oh, uh...it's George.

ELAINE: Hey, what happened to you?

GEORGE (meekly): Nothing...little problem.

ELAINE: Well, what was it? I mean, I was waiting.

GEORGE: Can I come upstairs, please? {Elaine pushes the button and lets George in.}

ELAINE (to Jerry): I mean, maybe he wants to ask me out.

JERRY: I don't know why you're interested in this guy, he's a jerk.

ELAINE: Because, he doesn't pay any attention to me, and he ignores me.

JERRY: Yeah, so?

ELAINE: I respect that. {George enters} Mmm, what happened?

GEORGE: Nothing, I... said it was a little problem.

ELAINE: Yeah? What was it?

GEORGE (defensive): Well...I was in the locker room showering, and I...I had to go, so...

JERRY: Here we go.

GEORGE: Anyway, I think the guy in the shower opposite saw me. He gave me a dirty look.

ELAINE: You went...in the shower?

GEORGE: Yeah, so what? I'm not the only one! {Kramer enters with his quilt.}

ELAINE (to Jerry): Do you go in the shower?

JERRY: No, never.

ELAINE (to Kramer): Do you?

KRAMER: I take baths.

GEORGE: Well, what was I supposed to do? Get out of the shower, put on my bathrobe? Go all the way down to the other end? Come all the way back?

ELAINE: Ever hear of...holding it in?

GEORGE: Oh, no...no, that's very bad for the kidneys.

ELAINE: How do you know?

GEORGE: Medical journals!

JERRY: Do the medical journals mention anything about standing in a pool of someone else's urine?


MK said...

Read about this elsewhere, it's just disgusting if you ask me. Trust the primitive environmentalists to come up with this sort of idea. Soon they'll be calling for the banning of flushing toilets and a return to the outside toilet.

J. J. in Phila said...

I take it you are not the designated "toilet scrubber?" ;) I would assume someone in your household is.

I remember hearing that during one of California's droughts, it was suggested not to flush after each urination.

Stephanie Faris said...

Seriously? Ick! This environmental stuff goes a little far sometimes. Remember when Sheryl Crow (reportedly) said we should conserve by using only one toilet paper square every time we peed?

Expat From Hell said...

Very tantalizing subject, and I remember laughing out loud when I saw the Seinfeld episode. I think some do it as a matter of course; others wouldn't think of it at all. You have definitely struck a nerve here...maybe even pissed a few off!


Cindy Beck said...

Hey, I have a better idea. Why not "go" in a bottle, and then spray it over the rain forest as fertilizer? After all,it does contain ammonia, a key component in fertilizer ...

(Yes, I am definitely kidding. :o)

JennyMac said...

Wow...just before breakfast time I decide to read this. LOL.

But thanks for the Seinfeld flashback. LOVED it.

Oz Girl said...

Too funny. Although I think I do agree with saving toilet flushes, as those do use a ton of water, unless one buys one of those expensive water-saving toilets.

mappchik said...

Eewww. No thanks.

Though, seeing as how today's the day for cleaning the bathroom shared by my boys... at least the shower would rinse away the splash zone?

BTW, that episode of Seinfeld is one of my favorites. Thanks for the flashback laugh.

fayezie said...

never been shy about the shower drain... however, i'm not so sure I'd do it in a public shower.

Slamdunk said...

I believe the comments here are much more entertaining than my post--thanks for the laughs.

JJ: I am the shower and tub cleaning guy, but we share the responsibility for toilets and sinks.

Stephanie: I do remember that by Ms. Crow. I also usually need 3 pieces of toilet paper to wipe the floor and walls depending on how bad my aim is or as Mappchik referred to it "the splash zone"...

Faye: Honesty is always the best policy :-).

mrs. fuzz said...

I remember during the northridge quake we were without electricity for a while. I also remember we were told to conserve water and not flush toilets if possible. That's when i learned, "It it's yellow, let it mellow. If it's brown, flush it down."

angelcel said...

Oh dear. ...'Coming to a town near you'.... Just you wait.