Part XIX: Brianna Maitland Missing Person

After three postings of my conversations with Bob about the Brianna Maitland case, we thought it would be good to summarize his main points,

• Initially, Bob did not know anyone involved in the case and read that Brianna’s car-keys were missing from her vehicle. Having experience with a metal detector, he contacted the Maitland family and assisted them in searching the area around the Dutchburn house.

• He feels that Brianna did not attend a party on the night of her disappearance due to lack of enjoyment at previous parties, and that she had left a note for her roommate stating that she was going home (to the roommate’s residence) after work.

• Around December of 2003, Brianna, evidently wanting more freedom and to attend a different high school, moved out of her parents’ house and in with her boyfriend.

• After the relationship ended with this man, she moved in with an old friend/new boyfriend named James who lived with his father near the location where she went missing.

• Brianna’s experience at the new high school apparently was not pleasant and she dropped-out. She then enrolled in a GED program at a community college, and began working at a restaurant. Bob’s interviews with friends of the missing woman indicated that other girls in the school were jealous of the attention that Brianna received, and the tension resulted in her leaving high school. He’s describing a scenario involving “bullying”.

• The relationship with James seemed to have ended, though they remained friends; after a month or so, she’d moved in with a childhood friend named Jillian. During this time, Brianna introduced a 26-year old man named Nathanial "Low" Jackson to Jillian and Jillian’s father.*

*Comment from Bob:”Low” was a friend to many in the area at the time. I wish to clarify, the only reasons that I made mention of him are, 1) Low was 26 years old and much older than Brianna; 2) Despite being known in the area, Low was not a local; 3) the family Brianna introduced ‘Low’ to perceived him as "different" and they remembered him.

• Brianna was allegedly assaulted by a friend/peer at a party three weeks prior to her disappearance. The motive for the assault may have been jealousy. She decided to press charges against her attacker the following Monday, but the case was dismissed after Brianna disappeared.

• Asked why she did not fight back during her assault, Brianna is reported to have replied that she was “afraid of hurting them, they were friends”.

• Bob believes the fight, which left Brianna with facial injuries, was a sign of the increasing troublesome behavior displayed by some of the area’s young adults—-no longer were these folks just children.


With our next discussion posts, Bob will discuss his impressions as to what may have happened to Brianna Maitland on the night that she left work and disappeared.

I thank him again for his willingness to keep the case discussion going.

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Anonymous said...

as much as no one wants to believe it, brianna was involved in drugs. I know some of her friends. when the police stated that she owed someone money, it was true. When you owe drug dealers money, its not just some simple thing. so they took care of it their way. sad, but true. and if you live in the area, you would know, that "low" is no longer around, he left town shortly after he was released. Not suspious at all?? No one around that area want to say anything because they know that something bad will happen to them if they do, there was more than one person in on it.

Bob said...
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Bob said...

Low is not and has not been described as a "person of interest". Slam Dunks "Summary" clarifies that fact.

I know Brianna liked marijuana, so do many millions more Americans, it's no excuse for the way her disappearance was treated by law enforcement, and the media.

As far as harder, riskier "recreational drugs"... as stated by Slam Dunks, "things were changing with the young people"... and I believe she may have been seduced into "trying" other drugs, but if she was, I don't know. I base my understanding of her activities from interviews, and a general sense that whatever it was she may have experienced at the
parties the previous weeks, she seemed much more interested in working two jobs and getting her GED.

Local people, friends, those who may know something, I'm sorry... but there is simply no reason to be scared. We only want to find Brianna... her family needs to know where she is.

There are anonymous tip-lines... anonymous phone calls, letters... or send Slam an e-mail, he's a decent guy.

I am not affiliated with law enforcement, or what they do, if they do anything that's up to them. This is a blog, nothing more.


Slamdunk said...

I think that missing persons cases are complex and each one deserves the same resources and professional treatment from authorities. I do not know the missing woman, her family, and have never lived in that part of Vermont, so obviously my contributions would simply be from an outsider's perspective.

J. J. in Phila said...

I don't blame someone that young for using marijuana. It is not a big thing.

The things that really bother me are the "bullying" and the fight. Something else was going on in Ms. Maitland's life.