Part XX: Brianna Maitland Missing Person

Instead of the question-answer format that we have been using, I am going to let Bob describe the scene in which Brianna Maitland's car was recovered at the Dutchburn house. He adds depth to my related posts in the series III and IV.

Brianna Maitland – “The Crime-Scene”

Part One

“DUTCHBURN HOUSE”, Morning of March 20, 2004– Picture Courtesy of “the World Travelers”

It’s the early morning of March 20th, 2004, around 8AM. A trio of skiers visiting Jay’s Peak Ski Resort happen upon what they feel is something very odd.

They’re driving down rte. 108 just outside Montgomery VT, when they see this car backed into the side of an old abandoned farmhouse. They pull off the road, and stop. Snap a picture – the one above.

Two of three are curious, cross the road to inspect the scene… ‘Creepy, strange – foreboding’ are terms they used to describe it. They walk across the street and snap another picture.

Now they are really feeling a sense of foreboding, of ‘being watched’. They look around, see stuff on the ground, and see a sheet of plywood atop the rear window of this car. One of them is bold enough to open the driver’s side car-door; he remembers, the window was up, the door unlocked. The other person looks nervously at that open window into the old house…

The introduction is courtesy of a group I call “the World Travelers”, without them there’d be no pictures of the “crime-scene”, and a lot less insight into what the scene was like early the next morning. The story of how I finally corresponded with them is an interesting one. But first, we need to begin with events on the morning of March 19, 2004 – the morning before.

Brianna woke up to good news – she got a letter in the mail confirming she’d completed her GED. It wasn’t the actual diploma, but rather, it was confirmation she was done with HS and able to move onto other things in life, like college, and a fulltime job.

To celebrate, her mother, Kellie, and her went out for breakfast and shopping at the mall. Together they started shopping, then Brianna went off on her own for awhile. They agreed to meet back at the car at a certain time.

When that time came, Brianna met her mother at the car and as her mother recalled, Brianna was visibly shaken, anxious about something – Kellie had asked her if everything was okay, and Brianna had responded with a weak ‘yeah, fine’, or something like that. Her mother let it go… but it was a moment that would come back to haunt her a week or so later.

Sometime after noon, Kellie dropped Brianna off at Jillian’s, where Brianna was living. She had to work that night at the Black Lantern Inn, and needed time to get ready. I don’t recall what time Brianna left for work, but before she left she wrote a note for Jillian that she’d see her that night after work. Jillian, as I’d noted previously wouldn’t see the note until Sunday night – she’d gone to stay with her grandmother.

The Maitlands, Brianna’s parents, would later go to a popular restaurant for dinner. They hadn’t been out for awhile just for fun and they had a good time. On their way home they passed by the Black Lantern Inn, and saw Brianna’s car in the parking lot. They discussed visiting, but then thought better of it – Brianna had just started the job and "didn’t need her parents bugging her".


Bob will continue his thoughts in the next post.

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torn blazer said...

Great descripton of the case ..I'll track back and read it all

Bob said...

Thank-you... I've received other comments from people that they like this new format too. I guess you might say the Q&A format was our learning to work together, and we're evolving... Slam is a good person to work with... he used to post on the family forum dedicated to finding Brianna... but which unfortunately was pulled over a year ago. My personal thanks again to Slam Dunk for this opportunity!

Part Two coming soon...