Part XXI: Brianna Maitland Missing Person

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In the meantime, Bob is graciously continuing to pinch-hit for me and here is the second installment in his series of posts on the Brianna Maitland case.

Brianna Maitland – “the Crime-Scene”

Part Two

“DUTCHBURN HOUSE2”, Morning of March 20, 2004– Picture Courtesy of “the World Travelers

In Part One of the “Crime-Scene” I discussed the day Brianna had leading up to the night she disappeared.

March 19, 2004: Brianna had been working at the Black Lantern Inn for about 5 weeks. She washed dishes and when it got busy waited tables. It was a second job, and she liked it. She could wear jeans or a skirt, and wore an apron as a money pouch. After work the owners and staff would often chill out with food and drink, next door. This night, Brianna was invited to join in with them too… she declined.

When her shift ended she did exactly what her note to Jillian said, she left to go home. The question that comes into play here is an important one. The question is: what time did her shift end?

Many of us might think of a work day as 9 to 5, 3 to 11, etc. For a restaurant worker, Brianna didn’t know what time her shift would end. It depended on how busy the restaurant was. It might have been as early as 10:30, or as late as 12:00.

It just happened she left around 11:30. If she had stayed liked she often did to party with staff, she might have stayed until 1:30.

11:00PM to 1:30AM… two and one half hours… Think about it!

When Brianna left work out the side door to the parking lot (I’m unsure if she warmed up her car first – I would assume she did) a coworker talked to her at the door.

To our knowledge, Brianna neither made nor received any phone calls, nor did she have any “friends” stop by while she worked.

The coworker recalled seeing her leave, turning left, which would be towards home and past the Dutchburn house. It wasn’t snowing, but it was cold, below 30.

What happened next is the mystery we all would like answers to.

The drive from the Black Lantern to pass by the Dutchburn place was about a mile or so, less than 10 minutes away. She’d have passed by two left turns leading to covered bridges… passed cornfields, a few houses, a large storage barn, a public works building and a public park (not in that order).

The town in which the Black Lantern was located is a small town, a small town commons as the center; a big, beautiful white church across the road; a few stores, a construction firm, a cemetery, all very quaint.

There is plenty of area across the street from the Black Lantern Inn where someone could have parked also and watched for her to leave. The church is there as well as the town commons, with trees to hide next by.

It seems more likely to me that someone would be waiting and watching there, across the street, than nearly a mile down the road planning an ambush.

There was a report of a truck parked and idling down by the second covered bridge just before the Dutchburn place. But if this is the case, it means the person knew or expected she would turn left that night, and pass by that bridge… and the person was willing to not only wait, and watch every car passing by, but wait within a 2½ hour time-frame.

Next Time… a closer look at the scene where her car was found. There’s a close-up of her car above, look closely at the way the wheels are turned, at how the rear end is hung up on the house foundation. Was it an accident or was the car purposely backed into the house?

Bob will have more on the subject next week.

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fayezie said...

not an accident

Bob said...

Thank-you "Fayezie" for those 3 words.

"Not An Accident".

Maybe that is just a gneral, personal opinion looking at the photo. If so, interesting opinion.

However, I surely would appreciate more! I've tried hard to see it the way you see it; as others, also strongly agreed with your opinion.

I ask - WHY would someone go to such lengths as to stage an accident like this? ...when, if we're to believe some claims, "she owed large sums of money," due to a (alleged) hard drug habit.

WHY would the upset drug dealer not simply make an example of her, like they do in Mexico these days? WHY hide it as if it were an accident?

I hope you're around in a week or so for Part Three, with an additional comment. I thank-you... short, but, significant!


J. J. in Phila said...

If she was in a car, she'd be darned hard to ambush by someone on foot.

Bob said...

JJ... the "theory" is that they, whoever they are, ambushed her by car, not on foot... like a car illegally using police lights maybe, to stop her. The point I wanted to make was why wait a mile up the road for a period of 2 1/2 to 3 hours for her to pass by... and then drag-race to catch her. Maybe LE knows better - they hide along side roads to catch speeders all the time... my point was far easier if you're stalking someone to wait and watch from across the street from where they work - not a mile down the road.

fayezie said...

well, let's go back to that photo then, shall we? okay before I get started, let's say "maybe not an accident"...


- person driving (brianna?) would have had to intentionally pull into the lot that the house sits on, and make a deliberate decision to put the car in reverse.

-okay, so why would she have pulled into the lot?

-if she did, then why is the car now turned around? perhaps she put the car in reverse to get away from someone or something at which time she could have accidentally backed into the house... and that's plausible considering it was night time.

-but the turn of the front wheel is odd. the angle, I mean. It's only gentle. add to that there are no bold tire streaks in the grass/mud. if it was snowy or wet, wouldn't there be some amount of tire impression in the dirt?

-when you back into a house "accidentally", wouldn't your instinct be to then put the car in drive and pull away to inspect the damage? not LEAVE it there.

-where are the signs of struggle?

sooo, maybe i need to go back and re-read, my question is what side of the road would she have been driving on, in juxtaposition to the house?

at midnight or whatever time it was, a single girl doesn't pull into a lot of a house that looks like THAT... you know? it's creepy... a single girl is more likely to speed up and get past the creepy house. Even if she's driven past it a hundred times.

fayezie said...

okay, just read Slamdunks "post XV", (i admit i haven't been following much of the brianna story, but now i'm hooked!), and his post sums up most of what I've been thinking, however I hadn't taken the frozen ground into consideration... even so, if the ground was frozen, the straw/grass is not altered much... again, even if the ground was frozen solid, the long grass would still show some tire spin/wear/impression or evidence of movement.

now why would she have stopped? had to be someone she knew... or could she have made a STOP prior to heading home? does anyone REALLY know that she made no stops after leaving the Inn.

Could she have stopped somewhere, picked someone up, that "someone" could have ditched her car...

but the keys? if she were behind the wheel of the car and someone were standing next to the driver side door ready to pull her out or yelling at her, what would she have done? take the keys OUT of the ignition? is that what a person does if they're putting up a fight? doubt it. probably more likely to kick or punch at the person than take the keys out of the ignition....

okay, driverside window down? is she talking to someone? or was the dutchfarm house (name?) a pre-arranged meet-up spot for her to either buy more drugs or pay someone? in which case she would have gotten out of the car, with her keys (possibly, however on a rural road, we are all more likely to just leave the keys in the ignition... not much chance of grand theft auto on a vermont country highway, right?)

BUT! the car is still IN the wall of the house... again, most people would get out to inspect the damage or at the very least pull forward to free themselves from the wall...

Bob said...


That's the kind of critical thinking I really like!!! "Signs of a struggle" I'm going to go into in my next post. For now, lets consider some of your other observations/questions.

I see no sign of her tires making any impression in the grass - and yes, that really bothers me. But the ground was frozen... and maybe, the fact the grass is flattened is not just because it's winter, maybe there was "trampling" from people moving around. It's simply not obvious. What is a fact to me is the car was rear wheel drive... when it got backed into the house it lifted off the ground... any attempt at that point to go forwards may have been futile. The real wheels had no traction. So Brianna, grabs her keys out of the ignition, maybe by instinct, and also, keys make a fair defensive weapon... Brianna knew that. She gets out of the car, and the neighbors up the hill heard shouting... she is shouting maybe. How she got there in the first place? Consider this... she leaves work and a vehicle, most likely a truck starts following her. As one drives out of Montgomery the best place a stalker would act is near the second bridge, in my opinion. The person(s) in the truck put their high-beams on, blinding Brianna from behind... she's worked all night, may be tired... the truck comes right up to her bumper, aggressively intimidating her... ahead of her is a long empty stretch of road... she stops maybe, at the curve in the road just by the Dutchburn place, the truck stops, she backs up, with the intent to turn around and head back towards the Black Latern, but hits the house, and finds herself stuck. She's got seconds to react... in a previous comment it was noted her car was seen at the house by midnight. Whatever happened, happened within a half an hour if that is true. Regarding stopping to meet someone - I personally doubt it. In rural VT she was quite comfortable going to a place where she knew people if she wanted to get a couple joints on her way home. But given the two uncashed paychecks on her front seat - she probably planned to cash them on Sat., and could have waited to get some pot. Hard drugs... same deal, but I have to say I doubt it was hard drugs she was interested in... nor would the Dutchburn place be the place to make a deal... again... she had no reason to meet someone at that creepy house when she had friends all over where she could have gone. And I feel, would have gone. Brianna wasn't alone in that illicit drugs were used by many in the area, and alcohol is one of those illicit drugs as if you're under 21 it's illegal. As Slam Dunk suggested previously, this "accident" and Brianna's disappearance has the looks of a domestic nature... someone she knew had a issue with her, and they had decided to act. They picked that night to do it. The simpler we look at the facts we know, the easier it will be to determine what happened.


J. J. in Phila said...

I was thinking more of an ambush by someone hiding in the commons. A car would be possible, but why stage the accident?

Assume it's a fake cop (and that does occur). Pull Ms. Maitland over and ask her to get out of the car. Then, well, that's it.

Could she have been forced off the road? Could she have slid off the road and somebody have come along to "help" her (and decided to help himself)?

fayezie said...

well, the rear-wheel drive puts a whole new spin on this....

i did start to wonder if it were possible she pulled in somewhat parallel to the house/lot and THEN put the car in reverse to turn around, which would explain the "turn around" of the car...

i was wondering about the temperature, though now that we're talking about frozen ground....if she had gotten out of the car, in December in VT (i know growing up in illinois that december usually brought negative Fahrenheit temperatures)... hypothermia could play a role too... even make her more weary if she were tired...

it seems weird to me that a teenager could owe someone enough money for marijuana or coke that it would cause them to want to harm her. that doesn't seem plausible to me.

i also think that it were a jealous fellow teenager or someone of roughly same age, they would have cracked by now, or also wouldn't have to wits to cover their tracks so well.

as far as the video at the casino, it seems to me that Brianna wouldn't disappear intentionally and thus, if in fact she is alive, or that is her in the video, she is held in captivity...

if she were murdered that night, then ground being frozen solid, it would be difficult for someone to bury her too... right?

soooo, she must have been taken alive....

and again, i think a boyfriend or ex-boyfriend would not be smart enough to cover it up this long, or keep his emotions in check. (i don't know who was apprehended for suspect)

fayezie said...

could she have gotten in the accident, just by chance... got out of the car, it's dark, cold, and the local serial killer/socio path drives by at the same time and gets her?

(slamdunk, am I spamming your comments now?)

Bob said...


Personally I think your interest in Brianna's case and Slam and my posts is great - ideas is what this is all about, critical thinking, speculation, thinking outside the box are what you're bringing to this topic.

To touch upon a few of your points. Yes, I agree, and from the beginning I've felt a teenager like Brianna would be unlikely to owe the sums of money for "drugs" necessary for something bad to happen to her. Futher, dealers don't front drugs - it's "cash and carry".

Re: the casino video, Slam and I have been told by what we agree is a legitimate source, that it was not Brianna at the casino. Neither was there a party like the one the week prior. And third, the source said her car was seen at midnight by a reliable witness. Those three "facts" are very important.

In addition, Fayezie, I agree with you that if this was not an accident, which I think it was, then whoever staged this to look like one, using timing that seems impeccable, seems to rule out your average teenager, drug dealer with a gripe, etc. Even if it is an accident which I believe it is the results show a remarkable level of planning and - oh, what's the word? - for the way it was carried out? I won't say the person(s) were necessarily intelligent, and it may have been sheer luck, but there's a military type thoroughness to this whole event.

Brianna did have the martial arts skill to defend herself against a stranger, but to someone who knew her, she would have had an instant disadvantage... she thought first with her heart, then her instinct. She would have tried talking to someone she knew, not so with someone she didn't.

JJ... Your idea of someone waiting across the street and going to her when she got out of work is a theory worth discussion. It would work best if a second person was involved, perhaps waiting down at the second bridge. It was discussed a lot the idea of someone waiting in the backseat of her car for her, who then directed her to turn left and drive. However, I have serious doubts about all of that... it would have required a coordinated effort, and would mean that two or more persons were in collusion to do something to Brianna. Given the scenario we are facing, I doubt there were any two or more people in the area capable of pulling off such a "smooth operation"... "smooth", but with flaws.

In my next post I plan on looking as closely as possible at the Dutchburn location and her car... I have interviewed the persons who took the photo's and have written permission to use all pictures and our discussions/interview to help find Brianna. The details in my next post will be from two people who saw the car that morning, before the tow truck arrived. What they have told me solidifies the scene based on a 8 hour time-frame... 12midnight when the car was seen, to the officer stopping around 1AM, to 4:30 when an ex-boyfriend drove by returning from Canada, to 8 AM when the "World Travelers" stopped... and much more.

Slamdunk said...

You are not spamming at all Faye--sorry my blog has been on autopilot for the most part these past few weeks.

With posts on old missing persons cases like the Maitland one, I hope to continue providing some attention in hopes that the one person or multiple persons that know what happened that night in rural Vermont, provide the information to authorities or the family.

fayezie said...

anxiously awaiting the next installment....

cbcklr said...

This car was backed into the building by the people who were with her that night. It was used to transport her. Remember there were 4 days for the people involved to try to cover their tracks. The police notified the family after towing the car as it was not believed to be a crime scene. There needs to be an idependant investigation regarding this case, if that could happen, I believe she can be recovered

kmr11 said...

What if she was involved with a drug dealer emotionally or sexually? She could have been fronted drugs in that sense. And what if the person she saw at the mall was him asking for money?
Does anyone think maybe thats why she left the note for her friend? incase somthing should happen to her that might have been a clue she left if she didnt return to her apartment? maybe she did stop to talk to whoever and thats why there seemed to be no struggle, because she knew them. and she took out her keys? maybe her window was down while she talked to someone, and when things started getting bad she tried to take off. Although maybe she was already in reverse because she had to turn around and when she tried to take off she hit the building got stuck, and whoever she was talking to opened the door and took her keys out, maybe pulled her out and thats why some of her belongings were on the ground? Whoever she was talking to (assuming she was) must have had a car or truck or whatever. i doubt they walked there. maybe it was parked on the road if there were no tire tracks. or maybe the ground was too frozen to leave any. either way maybe they put her in their car and took off.?