Part XXII: Brianna Maitland Missing Person

I have guest blogger Bob working overtime now with his second post of the week on the Brianna Maitland missing person case. I think we were all happy to see State Police officials on television and in the newspapers publicizing the investigation this week.

I also appreciate the emails sent to me regarding the case. If you have a question or comment and would rather not post it to the blog, my email address is to the left of the homepage.

Brianna Maitland – “the Crime-Scene”

Part Three

Photo: Simulated “Night-Scene” by Bob, Picture Courtesy of the “World Travelers”

Let’s first imagine that there were no pictures of Brianna’s car – where it was found on the morning of March 20, 2004 - seen and photographed by the World Travelers, J. and T., around 8AM, March 20th, 2004.

What we have is an official log by a Vermont State trooper noting the scene of the “crash” at around 1:30AM. The trooper, near the end of his shift, with a couple of days off coming up, got another call he had to respond to.

The assumption was it was an accident, the driver probably drunk, and took off. By some accounts, no foul play was considered in the days and even weeks that followed. But her parents were already taking action, and the stories, or rumors, started.

It’s not until the following Tuesday that the Maitlands heard from the police. Jillian had found Brianna’s note when she returned late Sunday or Monday. She assumed then in the next couple of days that Brianna may have been at her parent’s home. She called them around Wednesday asking if they’d heard from her, which they hadn’t.

An obvious question that comes to mind is why the Maitlands didn’t call Jillian… though they may have and she wasn’t home.

The Maitlands, by now, had learned about the car, filed a missing person’s report, while at the same time a friend of Brianna’ brother had called him to ask why Brianna’s car was at such and such garage? Her brother was older, had his own place and often saw Brianna with mutual friends.

By coincidence, Waylon, called his parents around the same time they had found out about the car and Waylon and Bruce drove down to the garage themselves to inspect the car.

What they find is an unlocked car, items strewn about on the seats, no car keys, and the trunk of the car closed and unopened. Since no foul play had been considered, the trunk was never inspected… so Bruce and Waylon had the unfortunate job of prying open the trunk expecting the worse.

No Brianna… still hope! What they found according to what I was told was stuff Brianna had been safe-keeping for Jillian. Plus other assorted stuff. It was stuff her parents knew for certain Brianna would not put at risk by backing the car into a house.

As a side-note here, one of the stories told to anyone who would listen, and we are grateful the person posted the story here on Slam Dunks, in a comment to an earlier post, was that “Brianna’s body had been placed in the trunk by friend’s she’d been with, and they drove her to a farm and disposed of her in a manure pit… then the friends drove the car back to the Dutchburn place, rear-end crashed it into the house, and left.”

Many problems with that story… among them: 1) Police did do a thorough forensic inspection of the car. 2) With Jillian’s stuff in the trunk of the car along with other things, was that really place to put her “alleged body?”

There was another possibility presented later… a tip from one of Brianna’s friend’s that she had bought the car that was used to transport Brianna’s body, she had bought it from one of those involved in her death, had taken it to the VSP for investigation.

Brianna’s parents were well aware of this tip, and had been getting help by then from a retired Texas police detective, now a criminal profiler, active in many other missing person’s cases. I was asked to work with him as the Maitlands had so many other tasks they were working on.

Glen, his middle name, and I still correspond, and he believed that car was crucial to Brianna’s case. Unfortunately I was told it was not investigated and the owner junked it. It is long gone.

The question that doesn’t seem to have an answer to yet is, was this an accident, or was it purposely done or staged to look like an accident? How could Brianna’s car have been seen according to witnesses around midnight, if it was at a party in Richford, when Brianna not only didn’t drink/party and drive, as I have stated previously, and have been used to transport her body, as has been stated by some?

It couldn’t, is the simple answer… especially when there is no reason to return the car to the Dutchburn place, that I can imagine, and to stage an accident there, when there are so many ravines along the many miles of highway all this would have encompassed, it’s simply ludicrous to consider, in my opinion.

Additional observations of the car from the outside – viewing the photo’s provided to me by the World Travelers I can add:

The rear of her car is hung up on a high stone foundation. Being as the car is rear-wheel drive there is every chance she was stuck. There is no apparent ruts caused by spinning tires, and though the ground was probably frozen still in mid-March, one would expect if a crisis were in progress there would be indications of that. All the flattened grass around the vehicle is likely a result of snow packing from the winter.

It looks almost as if the scene has no story to tell… just a car backed into an old vacant farmhouse.

Well, we know that’s not the case. Brianna was working, not getting intoxicated. She left work just after 11:30 PM, and as far as the one witness said, she appeared to be alone when she left. She had two paychecks on her front seat, medicine for migraines, and contact lenses. It was below freezing, but not snowing.

There was reference made of a witness who saw her car at 12 midnight at the Dutchburn place, that her head-lights were on. By 1:30 they probably weren’t… they may have drained the battery by then.

Signs of a struggle?

J. and T., the “World Travelers”, noticed pocket change and a necklace – costume jewelry like her mother made, on the ground near the driver’s door. Brianna wore such a necklace, a green glass type emerald necklace. Likely she had change in her waitress pocket pouch, which she may have been wearing.

The fact that change and her necklace were on the ground indicates a struggle to me, albeit, a quick one. Who would have a mind to “plant” such items?

Next week… a closer look at her car – inside it with pictures.


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doublestar5 said...

I agree, the torn off necklace would seem to indicate she was pulled from the car. If you look at the way the wheels are turned, it would appear that a car had pulled in front of her's, and in an effort to flee, she went into reverse and turned her wheels accordingly, so she she could then pull forward and get past the car that was blocking her. Unfortunately, she slammed into the barn.

I think she was parked there when the other car pulled in and blocked her. I think she knew she was in trouble, and may have been "set up" by someone.

Just a thought. I am enjoying the blog.

Expat From Hell said...

Yes, indeed. Crime mystery bloggers on the rise here. You are getting better with each posting. Joseph Wambaugh, look out! EFH

Bob said...

EFH... so I gather you like my posts. I'm cynical of compliments, but willing to allow an exception now and then.

ddStar5... are you putting me on, or do you seriously see what I've seen for several years now??

Her car was there, in that spot at mid-night. That is something you can consider to be a fact. There was a neck las on the ground and change... that's a fact.

Whoever conjured up the crack-dream nightmares needs attention... if, as sources suggest she was with several friends smoking crack, overdosed, died, was buried in manure, dug out from manure, driven through VT, to another farm, on private property, a grave was dug, and she was reburied... wow... all within 15 minutes. Impressive. Like a Hollywood movie.

If I was Brianna, getting out of work at 11:30 - 11:45, after washing dishes, on a cold night, driving home, having known I earned my GED, I'd have lit up a marijuana joint, against my norm, and just enjoyed the sense of the future...

Only to find within a mile down the road - I was "set-up"... and suddenly, the joint isn't so important.

Well, no marijuana was found in her car. It's fantasy... just as most of what we know is fantasy.

Part 4 soon... need a little break... Slam pushing me hard... :)

Anonymous said...

After reading most of your posts, it is my opion than this website is led by a group of people who really don't know what they are talking about. In my opion Briana will be found when the police open there eyes to all the facts. I guartee any law inforcement outside of Vermont would have solved this case years ago.

Slamdunk said...

Too Anonymous: I appreciate you stopping by and leaving a comment, but I was hoping for something more specific that defends your conclusions.

For example:

1) the authors of this blog are morons because (Insert points 1, 2, & 3);

2) the police are incompetent because (insert points 1, 2, & 3); and,

3) to solve the case, the authorities need to open their eyes and (insert three actions that they should be doing).

Now that would be a specifically useful comment.

Cindy Beck said...

I have to say that I don't know too many people who would put a body in a manure pit and then go in and dig it back out again. Talk about a pew-weeeeee smell!

doublestar5 said...

Nobody is being forced to read this blog. You may agree or disagree with the conclusions here, but the fact is, that if it were not for this blog, there would be virtually no information or discussion concerning the Brianna Maitland case anywhere on the net.

Bob said...

Cindy Beck said, "... Talk about a pew-weeeeee smell!"

I agree. What did they have, halogen spotlights in the dark of night, several people digging? By then I'm not sure of the time she would have been missing... but I thought it was months. I don't remember. They may have pulled it off in daylight, but then you have a corpse in your car, or TRUCK. Then you drive down the road and what? Just drive into the private farm, onto a field, dig a gave and bury the corpse?

DoubleStar... I happened upon this site quite by accident... bored at work (not these days), and wondering what was out there re: Brianna? Not only was this the only site active, but it's a good site.

Anonymous said...

This is a good blog. Keep up all the work. I too love blogging and expressing my opinions. Thanks