Special Update: This Week's Search for Brianna

This past week, multiple news outlets in Vermont reported that authorities searched the area around the Dutchburn farm for information related to the Brianna Maitland missing person investigation. Bob wanted to express the thoughts listed below.


I have watched the news lately, and I want to thank Vermont State Police for their present renewed investigation into Brianna’s disappearance. The following are my interpretations of what I am hearing and understanding – I have other persons who I correspond with who are doing everything they can, to also find the truth.

The statement read by Bruce Maitland on behalf of Brianna’s mother Kelly was courageous and means a lot for those still working to publicize the case.

Some comments I have related to recent news:

I observed on the WPTZ film footage “Search and Rescue” teams searching the cornfield by the Dutchburn place. Back in 2005 I asked Bruce Maitland about that cornfield. At the time, I was either in my first or second search with my metal detector in the area, a hobby I’d perfected over some 20 years. Bruce told me it was unlikely I would find anything in that cornfield as the farmer uses “spike tilling” to prepare the field for the next years planting.

So, I spent minimal time out there, and concentrated especially around the area where Brianna’s car was crashed into the farmhouse. I didn’t find much, but what I did find was a quarter… the World Travelers (citizens who photographed the scene) told me they saw a necklace and a small pile of change on the ground by her driver’s side door. The spot where I found the quarter – at a depth consistent with the 9 months that had passed, corroborates the WT’s statement to me.

It is a mystery to me why they’re searching there… but I’m not going to go there… I’m simply happy VTSP is continuing their investigating.

I’d also like to speak to a visitor here at Slam Dunks blog, a person who has provided excellent comments and insight, who also commented to one of the news stories under the name "cbcklr". I want to respond to that person especially to say you’re welcome to here, and to e-mail Slam Dunk… there’s a link on his blog. If you’d like to contact me, let Slam Dunk know in your e-mail.

I’m aware of most of what you posted. There were some surprises however! I’ve love to discuss them with you if you wish to. Essentially I am fairly sure I have spoken to your daughter, and I know the others you speak of in your posts. I am aware of the controversy with the search of the manure pit and the idea that the wrong area was searched.

There were two farms … and the word was the wrong one was searched. I hear you. But there are contradictions in your story. We do not believe, for example, that Brianna was smoking crack that night or doing anything but driving home from work as the timeline does not appear to fit in that … It is believed that she left her job at 11:45 pm and the ”crack smoking” story, for one, simply does not allow enough time for her to be at the Crossroads in Richford, VT, nor does it jive with other information that you have suggested.

Either James is not telling you the truth, or you need to have a new talk with him and get the real truth. We are here if you need to talk, or vent… we appreciate your concern… we want the same thing.

My “CRIME-SCENE” Posts will be continued next time.



cbcklr said...

This search was useless, I think you know as well as I do. They are also planning another search in this area. She is not there! I wish they would look where it is reported she is! Now, there is someone new at VSP handling the case, he was with Glen Hall when I spoke to him. I would like to know where one can turn with vital information on this case except for the VSP.

Oz Girl said...

What a tangled web we weave... cbcklr's posts re: Brianna are very interesting. They obviously seem to have some inner knowledge about this case.

cbcklr said...

Yes, I have information, I would love to be able to share, with whoever, will go to this place and recover her. I see the torment on the faces of the people involved with her disappearance that night. No one can move forward until the truth is told. The problem is, there is a problem with the local law enforcement agency, handling this case. They have been critisized from the begining for there shoddy work, I think they keep the case as cold as they can, on purpose. Also, because I have such strong faith, along with hope for this family, to know where there child is, no matter what the end tells them, they will be able to have some sort of Peace.

Bob said...

1st... Thank-you for being here. I am not LE, more a "victim's advocate" - Brianna's advocate. I do not wish to see James suffer - I know Brianna meant a lot to him, they were very close. I don't wish you to be frustrated with the progress of the case - but I have learned LE does things their way, not ours most of the time. I have one beginning question for you, and this is important - and no names in response in public here: the question is... what is preventing James from disclosing where Brianna is? For example: Is it that LE won't or can't get a warrant to search the area? They don't believe you or him? And if he believes Brianna was moved from the original location, how does he know this? And if he does, why then, what is preventing him from contacting one of the prominent missing person's website's that exist? Is is quite likely he may not know exactly where she is and you feel he needs LE's cooperation to find out. But you must understand, if he believes she is on private property then he needs something substantial to present to LE so they can get a warrant. No one has the right to trespass on private property without permission. Slam and I are here and will do all we can do to help. Please - you are not alone in the anguish this case has brought about. We need each other to solve it!

torn blazer said...

Wow this is interesing and full of intrigue. It's amazing how the truth is sometimes split into little bits of information known by many people.

Slamdunk said...

Cbcklr: Thank you for sharing your comments.

I am looking into what other alternatives you have in sending in case tips. Since there is no private investigation active anymore all of the government agencies involved will defer to the lead investigative agency.

Let me see what I can find out.

Bob said...

Cbcklr: Thank-you for your e-mails!

I want to let you know, I made a phone call last night... the person I contacted wishes to remain anonymous just as you requested anonymity, and I agreed to that for both you and my contact. I can tell you my contact has considerable influence with VSP, and though you may have your doubts, I strongly urge you to not underestimate my own influence in this case.

My contact told me VSP is willing and quite able to conduct the search you have requested, however, my contact made it quite clear that before such a search can commence, you and I need to talk.

As far as what you have provided to me thus far, I believe there are reasonable grounds for a search. But I have to convince my contact and in turn he the VSP.

I want to make it perfectly clear, here in public, that I cannot promise you anything... nobody can. That's why we have a thing called faith!

I am optimistic after last night's phone call. I also believe you are very sincere and what you have said is the truth. But we have work to do.

To be frank, I believe, with what you are doing here - it would be rude to say thank-you! You didn't ask for this, Brianna's family didn't, nobody did. Only those responsible for what happened to her did. And they aren't talking... not right now... I'll bet in the future they wish they had. But this is now.

To me, what is important now is to find Brianna. For that reason, I appreciate your cooperation - CBCKLR! That's my way of saying Thank-you.


cbcklr said...

I am sorry you don't think Bri was smoking crack, but this night she went missing, she was. She was with "friends" at the Crossings, in a room upstairs. What happened later I will not post here. I have gone as far to try to find Bruce Maitland's phone number, to tell him what I know. The VSP CANNOT be trusted. I also want to be sure that the Maitland's do not have to pay anyone any reward money,I just want them to know what happened and where she can be found. All of her friends who were with her that night, have not been able to move forward, everytime there is a "new" news story about Bri, these people suffer, with the truth of what happened. I have been told not to get involved with a "murder investigation", my resonse is, "I can not 'know' where she is and not come forward" I feel that if I know something and do nothing, I am just as guilty of a cover up. The problem is, where can I find REAL people who want to see this case solved. It will snow soon here, it did at Jay, last night. I don't want to see the VSP let this grow cold, the VSP assigned to this case are incompetant to do so. Vermont is a "special" place where I have been told, "if you are not from here, you don't belong here" and "these people will chew you up and spit you out"...

Laurie said...

cbcklr-As you know Bri's birthday is the 8th it would be wonderful if we could get her home for her birthday..I wish I knew what to tell you except I trust Bob. I am leaving for VT in the morning for 9 days. I may not have internet access there. I am with the Doe Network and I do have some contacts but if Bob can help you I would go with him and take the leap of faith..Bri's case is the one that got me involved with the missing. I have been with it since the beginning as Bob can attest to.Bri is on my screen saver and I look at her everyday. Bob knows I will do anything I can to help but I think you need to trust him now..

cbcklr said...

I want to recover her. I too think about her every day, I also have a 26 yr. old daughter in heaven.

When I walk I have peace and solitude. I want the Maitland's to know where to look, I don't want somebody try to profit from the reward, the money hasn't been able to solve anything.

I wonder if the VSP is not substantiating the information I have given them because of all of the negative attention towards them? They don't want the world to know the mistakes they've made.

Well, I would like to walk up to this farm and look where I have been told to look, bring my camera, then maybe somebody would take me seriously! It is worth a try.

Laurie said...

cbcklr- I believe you are serious and I beleive you if you say she was smoking crack-it is sad but many of us make mistakes.I live in Maryland and I am the Area Director for MD for the Doe Network.I do trust Bob and it sounds like what he is doing will work out. If it doesn't I have a few more thoughts but I am pretty sure what Bob is saying about his phone call will be the way to get it done right..If not we can go to plan B...I will stick by you until we get it done also..I will not have internet access in VT but I have given Bob my contact info..Please stay strong and fight for Bri..I am so sorry about your daughter Hopefully she can give you strength to keep trying..You are doing this for all the right reasons..

Laurie said...

cbcklr-also, I know you want to go there but I don't want you to get in trouble or worse and then we would have to look for you too..and they also might move her again if they saw you..we will find a way..have faith please..I am putting mine in you....we will get her home with your help..

Bob said...


I left you a vm. I will call you soon. I am waiting for an answer to a question cbckir said they would send me - a document. Slam and I need this if we are to continue.

cbcklr, it is easy to find the Maitlands phone #. You go to your web browser, type in "white pages" (without the quotes), in any search engine, type in Bruce Maitland. If you know the state it makes the search easier, but I am not at liberty to provide you with that information.

Please stop browe-beating VSP. I don't particularly like the way LE (law enforcement) works either. On the other hand I do. An example... please visit: http://butts_info.tripod.com/buttsfamily/id3.html

A family of three were murdered. Gerri Faye Butts, 29; Jessica Butts, 11; Mackenzie, 3.

I know a lot about this case too... I got interested in it around 1991. Through my involvement as an advocate for Brianna, I got to corresponding with a detective that worked that case. It's now 2009... essentially, the suspect was known by 1992, but the DA intervened. That DA is gone now... a new DA is in charge, and presto, 18 years later, the suspect is charged and going to court. 18 years!!!

cbcklr said...

I don't feel comfortable sharing here with you anymore. I have said I want to remain annonymous. I also said I am not interested in any reward. I have found the Maitland's number and will call them. If my daughter was missing, I would want to hear from anyone who knew anything about where she may be found, I pray they feel the same.

cbcklr said...

P.S. Bob, I will not stop "brow beating" VSP, they are corrupted and can't be trusted. I am begining to not trust you...

Laurie said...

cbcklr-I know you are getting worried about Bob per your last post..You can trust him but I understand your feeling..I think he is just trying to do his best to protect you..if you can't get in touch with the Maitland's you can contact me at somanymissing@yahoo.com..Don't give up on us..we do want to help

b said...

As Oz Girl said " What a tangled web we weave..."
cbcklr... I don't necessarily trust you either. And I don't particularly appreciate your idea that because I am "not profession" in LE, that somehow I am of no help.

Laurie... Thank-you.

All I can do is be myself and try, and friends like you - someone I've never met, yet feel I have a strong bond between us... you and all the other people out there who have helped create a network of caring citizen advocates, thank-you.

cbcklr... I think Laurie is in a better position to assist you. She provided her e-mail.


Bob said...

prosiore"cbckir" said: "All of her friends who were with her that night, have not been able to move forward, everytime there is a "new" news story about Bri, these people suffer, with the truth of what happened."

Those who were allegedly with her that night need to come forwards. If they are suffering it's because they haven't.How can they, or you say they know what they know, and they keep it to themselves. If they had come forwards 5 years ago at best nothing would have come of it, but now, having covered or concealed the "truth" for all this time, they are criminals - the extent to which, if the truth is they disposed of her body, exhumed it to avoid discovery, and reburied her, again to avoid discovery, we're talking serious crimes having been committed. I'm not surprised when law enforcement investigates they suffer... it's referred to as having a profound sense of guilt and a fear of being found out. They've made things worse for themselves having not come forwards... maybe they could help James so he didn't have to bear the burden of what happened alone. The longer any of these person's wait to come forwards the worse it will be.

And frankly, I don't believe you. I don't believe this overdose ever happened. You didn't follow through with your side of our agreement, even after I agreed to keep you anonymous. I don't know what to believe from what you've said... but if you really do know something... Laurie is your only other option at this point. In the meantime, the victims suffer... if you want to insist those covering up what happened are suffering, their pain is nothing compared to the pain the family and real friends of Brianna feel.

If what you're saying is true, this is no longer a bunch of kids who made a mistake in handling a serious situation. It's time to accept that... it's time to stop taking on this burden yourself and to get these now grown-up kids to come forwards. If you don't, then we all will continue to suffer... until the truth is found out. Ironically, LE is not in a hurry to find out your truth because that's not the way they operate. CSI is not like it is in the movies... it can take years, and much cost to us the tax-payers for the truth to become known. In a case like this the truth is not far off... soon, it won't matter that only you and James and the others know the "truth", because the real truth will be known.

Maybe twenty years ago such a thing as obstruction of justice would have been easy to pull off. But those days are now gone. All the little pieces are being pulled together, and you may feel VSP is doing nothing, but I have reason to believe otherwise.

Slam and I gave you a chance to work with us and end the suffering... you claim you don't trust us. Other than my honesty to you that I am not professional law enforcement and a citizen advocate, I gave you no reason not to trust me. You claimed to know that truth, and I offered to help. That's what an advocate does. Talk to Laurie. Please. Why? Because we all have one thing we agree on - we want to stop the anguish. We want Brianna found.


Anonymous said...

You are so wrong and forget all about me, I am sorry I ever came to this blog....

Anonymous said...

you are looking to cash in on the money

Bob said...

Oz_Girl said: "What a tangled web we weave... "

CB... Why do you weave the web you create? You reach out, and when people offer to help, you create shadows and mirrors to hide behind.

About the "money". YES, as I said years ago on Brianna's Family forum, I could use that reward money if I find Brianna. And as much as I could seriously use that money, that is not why I'm here.

But maybe, it's why you are here, for the money, playing a game of cat and mouse claiming to know all involved in Brianna's disappearance, yet, weaving a web of deceit.

In my next "Crime-Scene" post we will go inside Brianna's car... and I will share my insight into what it means. But before we look in her car, we should look at her...

In late 2004 I read about Brianna in the news. And what I read didn't make sense. I read about a person that to me was a victim... yet the media was focused on alleged questionable behavior. The more I read the more it didn't fit.

I called the Maitlands with one goal in mind... to assist in finding her car keys, because I felt I could do nothing to help her with the character assassination being done to her, but I did have experience with a metal detector.

There was no reward offered at the time, so that wasn't the issue... I felt she was getting a raw deal... while the real criminals were getting away with something especially wrong.

It's because of my real world experiences, that once I met the Maitlands, they were encouraged by ability to think outside the box.

After sitting down with the Maitlands, talking to them, it became clear that I had a talent that might help... The Maitlands asked me to help, and I accepted.

No money involved!

But I had to make a decision to make... was I in this because I wanted to help the Maitlands, or was I in this because I felt a connection to Brianna, to her life, her story. It turned out to be the latter. In a way, Brianna became my sister... and I swore I would defend her and advocate for her no matter what.

My final word to you CB is: with all your alledged knowledge of what happened to Brianna and where she is, why don't you stop playing games of "cat and mouse" and get to the point. VSP doesn't trust you, I'm sorry to say, but they don't.

So you, James, and all the other's involved are going to continue to suffer just as all of us who really do what to find closure, suffer too.

Go ahead and run... but always remember, when you asked for help we offered... you are the one who ran away. I'm still here, and I will be maybe years from now, as will many others who got involved in this case.

Based on the information known to my me and my contacts, there was no party at the Crossroads that Brianna attended that Friday evening. Everything points to a car-jacking/kidnapping at the Dutchburn place... a capital offense. Are your suffering "victims" who witnessed what happened to her willing to face that those consequences?, or wouldn't it be better if they came forwards and told VSP the truth now? I think it's time for you to rethink your objective. Are you really looking to end the pain and suffering, or are you not looking for the reward money yourself?

Best of luck. We offered you assistance... it was your choice to reject it.


Laurie said...

cbcklr- I am in VT but I have very sketchy internet service.I will be bakc in Maryland on 12th...I will do my absolute best to get the information to who it needs to get to so that it is acted upon..I have made some inquiries and have some others to make also..Please do not give up. You say everyone is suffering, Bri's friends and family etc..if you have not contacted the Maitlands I once again urge you to stay in contact. Again, please email me at somanymissing@yahoo.com...I may be lucky enough to get before I go home but if not it will be my first priority when I do get there. I will keep you anonymous..that is not a problem.

Bob said...

Bob says - sigh...

Laurie, am I nuts or are we about to go full circle back to where this case was after Brianna disappeared in 2004???

OK folks, readers, anonymous commentators, and especially those who enjoy reading the facts as I learned them which I volunteered to share, as Slam Dunks guest, I have to say I am seriously considering postponing the final posts indefinitely.

Part of the reason is cbcklr! Part of it is information my contact provided when I went to bat for cbcklr, only to be scorned for my efforts. And the final part of my frustration is I believe the facts as I learned them to be in sync with the "timeline" that has been carefully assembled and which fits with facts... as they became known.

What really bothers me, here is, we have a person (s) - cbcklr, who appears to know a thing or two about the case, maybe much more, and is a state of panic almost in that they are demanding VSP search private property much the same way similar claims pushed LE to search the original manure pit. Only to find nothing. It's long been known, and was public knowledge that the wrong farm was searched. Yet this person(s) insists now VSP is ignoring them, that I don't know what I'm talking about, and that they know everything!

And no one will listen!

Well, excuse me... this person, in my opinion earned the anguish if they've known even for a minute who was with Brianna that night... and I don't mean the old, publicly known story about the "crack party", that according to reputable contacts I have have said it didn't happen. Sure, maybe this person(s) does know the truth... but to come here, only to play a game of cat and mouse with the story, their "truth", and to claim those responsible are suffering when VSP conducts an investigation, well, I'm not amused... in fact, I'm pretty upset right now.

Where was this person(s) 5 years ago???

My take? They want us to chase a red herring, and keep the truth about Brianna mired in rumor and mis-information.

Hey, Slam and I were willing to help... we're not morons as an anonymous commenter suggested.

Seriously... if this is going to become a replay of the rumors and drug crazed frenzy I witnessed back in 2005, I'm done. Been there, done that.

I don't want sincere people here to suffer if I postpone my posts, but it is seriously upsetting to have some(s) claiming to know everything telling us we are making all this up.

Laurie... for the folks out there I want to emphasize we are partners in finding Brianna, but we have worked independently on this... and once again I appreciate your support... you are a remarkable person... but I need to make clear to our readers, Laurie and I have worked continuously and independently on this. If Laurie trusts me, it's not because we have conspired to instill this trust. Whatever Laurie has to say are her feelings, her understanding and knowledge of the case.

I have reason to believe VSP is making progress in finding Brianna... I think for at least a week or two I'm going to hold off on further posts. I am working with Slam now to decide the next step. If any readers wish to comment, please do.

I will add - as a citizen advocate with no law enforcement experience, this is not easy - in fact, it's truly scary getting involved in this case. Most people who do at least have a background in law enforcement, I don't.



Laurie said...

CB-ANON- I managed to get on today so I once again want to appeal to you to contact me. If you were on Bri's forum than you should know that I am an honest person and that my goal has always been to find Bri.Until a few weeks ago Bob and I hadn't spoken for months..we aren't conspiring we both just want Bri home. About 15 years ago I worked in an area that was violence and drug ridden. I was a paramedic and one day a call came out that would make me decide whether the truth was the way to go or to say nothing out of fear. I ran a stabbing that was drug/gang related and as I was working on this young man he looked in my eyes and said he was going to die. (I thought so too but tried to get him to keep fighting) He begged me to tell the police who killed him so someone would go to jail and his grandma would have peace. At that point he said in these exact words "It was Big Boy and Champ and Tina told them where to find me. Tina lives at **** Parkway Terrace Dr." Now no one else heard this and so I could have just not said anything because witnessed in that area at the time tended to die in drivebys and shootings or stabbings on a regular basis. As we flew him to hospital in helicopter he went into cardiac arrest..we resuscitated him and he lived for several days.
My partner met me at the hospital with our unit and as I was sitting on the back step writing my report I was having a truly internal fight with myself--so I say something or not, what about my family and kids..I knew the Detectives would be at the hospital soon..I waited..and worried but when I saw them I knew there was no other choice for me but to tell the truth. I am glad I did and faced with that situation I now know I would do it again. It is really the only choice and I think in your heart you know that too..So please get in touch with me on the 12th..Do it for Bri and her friends and especially for James if he is really have such a hard time.

Anonymous said...

You would think that if she were dead their would be a body somewhere i mean their are millions of people in this world and u are going to tell me not a damn person knows where she is i mean really? some people are hiding alot of imformation and i fully beleive they should come forward and lift this burden of guilt off thier shoulders i recently tonight watched the disapearence of brianna its december 5th 2011 i am a small town vermont girl who has kids of her own and i would do everything i could to find my children if this ever happend i would not sleep a wink until i found the answers why is it i feel no one has braught this up for a few years? why why does it seem like no one is doing the best of their ability to find this girl she is prob in canada being sold for money!

Anonymous said...

p.s if she was buried in a bunch of cow shit like everyone is saying she is then no one is going to find any remains because of how much acid shit holds! so GREAT f u to all the people that thought this one up i hope the guilt bites u in the ass may god bless u all when satin wraps his arms around u