To Untweet: More on the Merriman-Tequila Case

I am not a Twitter user, but I understand the concept's usefulness for some folks (celebrities, groupies, persons wanting to social network, those providing updates to multiple family members, etc.).

Building on my last post regarding the domestic dispute this weekend where professional football player Shawne Merriman was arrested by police and charged with assaulting his girlfriend television personality Tila Tequila, I saw where Ms. Tequila allegedly posted several comments about the case via her Twitter account.

She then allegedly deleted the posts, but as is with the Internet--nothing posted is ever really removed.

Is there a online place of disposed Tweets?

Of course, interested persons can go to For Ms. Tequila's messages, just go to the Tweleted site, at the top of the page click to go to "Evil Mode" (I know--it is a bit odd), and enter her user name "officialTila" into the search space.

To summarize Tila's not so deleted messages, it appears that she will claim that she was not driving on the night of the encounter (she had a a car and a driver) and that she is allergic to alcohol and had not been drinking. She also makes some references to steroids and aggression and a few other more cryptic posts.

After reading Ms. Tequila's ill-advised running Twitter commentary on her legal situation, I am sure her attorney was the one leaving work early with a serious migraine--perhaps he was heading to a bar for his own self-medication.

Note: I saw this reported initially on ProFootballTalk.


angelcel said...

When will people wise up about when to keep schtoom? Outlets like Facebook and Twitter have given us all a bad case of verbal diarrhoea. :D

Stephanie Faris said...

I used to blog over on MySpace, where Tila Tequila was a popular blogger. That woman wasn't exactly known for her quiet dignity. In fact, her attorneys may have to literally gag and bind her to keep her from speaking out until the case goes to trial.

mappchik said...

Such a smart & classy lady, that Ms. Tequila... inspiring, really.

Oz Girl said...

You would think most people would know better, wouldn't you? I try to be careful not to put anything on my blog, on Twitter, on Facebook, that could be incriminating. Haha!

And I have to agree with mappchik... Ms Tila was sadly not graced with much dignity. Ah well, how boring the world would be without people like her. :)

Did you see that Smart Mouth Broad has decided to stop blogging?! I'm gonna miss that girl! I understand her decision... it is definitely hard to keep up with the blog sometimes. Re: my 97 followers... as you can see from my last post, I haven't even been successful in looking at my new followers' blogs! It's hard enough for me to keep up with my favorite stand-bys. I'm not ready to give up blogging yet, but I'm sure it could be a reality someday.