Tuber of the Week #22: Great Save

Though I recognize free speech and fight to protect it, I have always been bothered by individuals who want to burn the US flag in this country.

Perhaps it was being raised in a military family, as I can certainly see the argument that desecrating an American flag in front of a veteran who watched fellow soldiers die for that symbol could be equated to other behaviors consistent with "inciting a riot."

Since it is legal to burn a flag here, I'll pick my battles elsewhere.

For this week's YouTube video of the week, I am going retro: April 25, 1976 to be exact. That is when Chicago Cubs outfielder Rick Monday prevents more than a simple misdemeanor.

Obviously, I am in favor of enforcing other laws, if applicable, that lead up to torching a flag.

My favorite story of this type was the two young guys who were stopped at a large college-based protest torching a flag. When one of the educated but not so smart subjects complained to police that "flag burning was legal," the officer had all he could do to control his laughter while explaining why the fellows were being arrested.

It involved differentiating between burning a US flag (legal) and burning someone else's US flag that the law-breakers grabbed off of a porch on their walk to the protest (illegal).

Good grief....


Expat From Hell said...

Ah, my favorite flag burning story! It's funny, Rick Monday was a decent enough ballplayer, but is only remembered for his heroics on that day. Whenever I think of flag burnings (and I also have a problem with the imagery), I always think of this story and smile. Thanks for posting this.


Katherine Mercurio Gotthardt said...

I don't watch tubes in general, but I don't like flag burning--of any kind--in general. I think it is encouraging violence and in the case of the American flag, does indeed disrespect the democracy our armed forces have died to defend.

Sometimes I think people who burn flags just want to be rebellious. Ehtierh that, or they are trying to make a point of some kind, but in burning a flag, that point becomes buried in an act few people approve of.

It could also be some of these flag burners just really need attention, positive or negative.

angelcel said...

We Europeans put up with a hell of a lot before complaining and so I'm not going to get into an argument if someone burns the Union Jack but all the same it does bother me. I understand the American attitude to your flag and I must say it's something that I admire and sometimes wish we could do with a bit more of over here.

fayezie said...

okay, i thought flag desecration WAS illegal...