On Death and Life

I wanted to mention two thought provoking posts on death and life that I found inspiring. Author and blog coordinator for The Friday Challenge Bruce Bethke recently wrote this post in remembrance of his twenty-eight year old daughter who recently passed away.

Second, new police officer HF posted his first experience with responding to an infant needing CPR at A Police Wife blog. His professionalism in handling the situation, and then the honesty and sincerity reflected in his discussion of how the call impacted his shift and family time thereafter is certainly worth the read.


J. J. in Phila said...

I remember the police who responded, late one Saturday night about two years ago, who responded to the suicide of a young man several doors away. The young man was the cousin of my neighbors, though I didn't know him.

I remember the police officer that had to be there for about four hours while his grieving parents and cousins came, the crime scene investigators, came and left. He could only leave after the coroner's office removed the body.

The officer handled himself professionally surrounded by the grief. As he was leaving, I thanked him. I could then tell what it was really doing to him; it wasn't his best night either.