Part XXIII: Brianna Maitland Missing Person

Bob continues his insights on the Maitland missing person case. He graciously has included these photos of the car involved--I do not believe they are available anywhere else on the web.

Also, Bob has established his own blog which can be found at this link.


Brianna Maitland – “the Crime-Scene”

Part Four

A closer look at Brianna’s car…

In the Spring of 2005, I stayed weekends with the Maitlands. Originally they offered Waylon’s place (Brianna's brother), a couple hundred yards from their house. Waylon wasn’t living there at the time. After the day and evening discussions, they said I could sleep on the couch. I had my sleeping bag, as we’d already planned it would be okay for me to stay the weekend.

By then the VSP had finished an extensive forensics investigation involving her car. What follows are pictures of the car, stored at the Maitland's property, and after a thorough discussion of the car I did my own investigation. Due to the renewed activity by VSP, I’m leaving out certain things I discovered, but in general, this is most of what I saw and thought.

Brianna either bought or inherited the car from her grandfather. She loved her car, and from some of the images I’m showing you that appears to be a fact.

The car is gone now… but she had pasted the pictures there above her visor.

This is her dashboard. Bottle-caps are glued to her radio dials. The “PROWL” yellow-tape is a mystery to me. Inside the ashtray there are more than one brand of cigarette butts present.

View of steering wheel.

View of front seat: Note Styrofoam food container on floor of passenger side. Note necklace on passenger seat. Not obvious is vomit at the bottom left, on the piece of carpet near the corner where the door hinge is. The necklace apparently was not kept as evidence.

Back seat: Note ice scrapper on floor, beside it is a Walkman CD Player. Also, behind the driver’s seat are cans of food wrapped in commercial plastic-wrap. Note, the cuts in the rear seat for forensic DNA (the orange and yellowish patch-cuts).

Almost forgot…when I flipped down the visor on the driver’s side, an image of Angelina Jolie was there, along with this fairy-image cutout; the marijuana trinket in the picture was hanging from her rear-view mirror. I combined the two using graphics software. The idea is to give you the readers a sense of what Brianna was like…

Conclusion: The “crack-overdose” theory was at the top of the list of discussions, theories, etc., at the time I I got involved in late 2004, early 2005… before I ever inspected her car, I remember discussing the drug overdose theory. A leading edge to that idea was the suggestion that someone was waiting for Brianna in her car at the Black Lantern, where she was working that night.

“Witnesses” after the fact recall seeing a Styrofoam food container with a marijuana leaf drawn onto it. It was also suggested the drawing had to have taken a good deal of time, as it was recalled as near perfect… not a “quote”, that’s what I remember. But what I saw after that discussion, in Brianna’s car, was a food container just like the one suggested, only it had a magazine cutout pasted to it of a race-car. The marijuana leaf trinket was hanging from her rear-view mirror.

Brief analysis… no blood; no indication of a struggle; cans of food intact; bottle caps glued to radio dials intact; Styrofoam food container on floor of passenger side (very fragile) intact - containing a fossilized burrito half eaten, with old mold on it.

And as a final image, the underside of the rear of her car… note mud caked into her tires.

Reminder - the pictures above and below are not from the Dutchburn place at the time her car was found there… all these pictures were taken by me, months later, her car was parked on the Maitland’s former property at that time.


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Katherine Mercurio Gotthardt said...

Truly amazing. I wonder if the blogs will help solve the case one day.

I give you a lot of credit for continuing the investigation in the unique manner you are.

Bob said...

Thank-you Katherine!

I further wish to acknowledge I couldn't have done this without Slam Dunk's sharp editorial skills and his experience.

I truly do hope this makes a difference and we find Brianna.


Laurie said...

Well, I have arrived home and now have internet access. No email from CB/anonymous. I have left my email and they can still contact me but this is my last post concerning theirs..On Oct 8th I celebrated Bri's birthday with my Vermont friends. We won't give up on her!!

J. J. in Phila said...

A couple of questions.

Was the mud on the car when it was found? Was it consistent with the car being at the Dutchburn place?

Was the vomit fresh when the car was found? Was it DNA tested?

Bob said...


RE: the mud... forgive me - that car was driven many miles before it was parked at the Maitlands. I doubt the mud was there completely as it was when found at the Dutchburn place. The forgive me, is I noticed it for the first time myself putting together these photo's, and something about it made me mention it.

We honestly could never figure out if the vomit was fresh - you may recall in an earlier post Brianna hadn't been feeling well for awhile. As far as I know DNA samples were taken, but I can't say for sure.

All I know is I feel spooked every time I look at that picture I took of the rear of her car. I see the high granite foundation it would have been hung up on.

It's very hard to try to imagine the different scenarios that could have caused "the accident". The possibility someone was in her backseat... the possibility the vomit was fresh; maybe a combination of events... maybe she felt sick and had to pull over, was being followed, or a stranger passed by. The possibilities are many... I'm simply hoping with the information and pictures we've provided that Brianna is found.

Bob said...


I forgot... Brianna's car wasn't driven from the Dutchburn place... it was towed... there were no keys to start it.

J. J. in Phila said...

Okay, Ms. Maitland was feeling sick. Could it have been morning sickness?

Caked as the mud was, it would likely have been fresh. Maybe that night or a few days before.

Bob said...

"Morning sickness" stands out as a possibility, but I was told strangulation can also cause vomiting. Please, not something I want to imagine, but I've been told it's true. I don't believe anyone was in her backseat - just my opinion.

An added bit of info to our readers... Brianna was good at judo... her instructor was interviewed... the person said Brianna was very much capable of defending herself, but not from a backseat attack. Still, my opinion is no one was there in her car that night. She met someone she knew; unexpectedly; and was caught off guard.

RE: the mud... there's no way to know where the car went after it was towed to the garage. By the time I inspected her car it was nearly a year later - but it'd sat there for many months by then. I noticed the mud in the tires and realized how easy it would have been for that car to have been stuck on the Dutchburn house foundation.

fayezie said...

head trauma can cause vomiting.

J. J. in Phila said...

There is an inherent problem with a back seat attack. The driver loses control of the car, and the attacker cannot gain control of it.

Even slipping a garrote around the driver's neck won't solve that problem.

The vomit opens up a number of possibilities, depending on how old it saw and if it was Mr. Maitland's.

BobKat said...

So... let's add up the facts:

Based on facts as presented...

No party that night in Richford. No crack overdose in Richfield that night. Witness sees her car at Dutchburn place around midnight. No sign of a struggle in vehicle, but vomit present near the car-door. Possible signs of a struggle near her driver's side door either with her standing near her car, or being "pulled out by force" as someone hear suggested. Additional facts:

Numerous rumors. Grand Jury convened. Search of a manure pit. Not found.

Blog activity from a reader posting comments alluding to knowledge of Brianna's whereabouts; claims VSP are doing nothing. My "contact" says the opposite.

Where to go from here?

I've always wondered about the prospect of a jealous older man, presence of a STD involved, pregnancy... and finally, the military like precision of her disappearance.

I think many of us older folks can still tap into memories of when you were 17...

A plan is here... but who wrote it?