Part XXIV: Brianna Maitland Missing Person

Guest blogger Bob is working on his next installment on this case, and hopes to have it ready for press later in the week.

In the meantime, the discussion of Brianna's car and what reportedly was found inside and outside reminded me of a potential clue that was not highlighted by me previously.

The young men who took the published photos of Brianna's car at the Dutchburn farm also evidently reported seeing something odd on the back of the vehicle. There on the trunk, on that cold morning amidst the wood from the collapsed wall of the farmhouse, was a lime wedge.

I remembered this being discussed on the now-defunct discussion board about the disappearance, but had initially forgotten about it since the information was not included in the media reports of the case. Bob confirmed that he believes the piece of fruit was there and recovered at the scene, and will address it specifically in his next post.

So, what would a lime wedge be doing outside at the scene of a missing woman's car at an abandoned building?

Despite the compact timeline, could it be evidence of a party that occurred at the location or somewhere else that night (and the fruit froze to the car)?

Or, does it simply support the theory that Brianna stopped unexpectedly at the farmhouse, was out of her car speaking with someone that she knew, placed a drink on the roof of her car, and the cup and lime wedge spilled off when the vehicle impacted the house?

What do you think?

*Note: Photo was used from here.


J. J. in Phila said...

Two things stand out, the lime and the vomit. Both could be indications of the aftermath of drinking.

Anonymous said...

i am wth jj. it sounds like the there was a party somewhere tht night. fruit does not fall out of the sky onto a car.

doublestar5 said...

Possible the lime wedge came from a drink brought from the Black Lantern. Possible she met someone at the old barn who had been to a party and brought a drink with them.

Possible Brianna was drinking a drink she brought with her, while talking to someone outside her car when the possible attack occurred. That would account for the lime wedge on the trunk while she struggled to flee.

Possible someone threw away the remaining ice and lime wedge of a drink and had it land on the trunk, only to become frozen there from the cold weather, while she was working at the Black Lantern.

If she attended a party that night, how did the car end up at the old barn? If someone had done her harm, and was attempting to ditch the car, you pull the car straight in toward the barn and you leave in your waiting car as fast as you can. The last thing you would do is take the time to back the car in toward the barn. If I were going to ditch the car, I would have picked a much more secluded spot to do it. It just makes sense.

The above just seems to point to the fact that Brianna most likely backed her car toward the barn so she could watch the road in the direction she expected someone to come from, that she was planning to meet. After she was attacked, she attempted to flee and slammed into the barn.

It is always possible she attended a party, but I agree with Bob, too many things just don't make sense that she did.

BobKat said...

... Doublestar5... I like your thinking! I think you meant to end your comment with "she is alleged to have done". Maybe not, but what this case has got is a lot of rumors, alleged wrong-doing, on her part usually, with some even saying other's involved are the "victims".

I'm almost finished with the draft I'll send to Slam... I hope to have my next - "Party at the Dutchburn Place" post up by Monday.


Anonymous said...

the more I look into this case the more I think more than one person was involved in taking Brianna. It was either the ex boyfriend alone. Or the ex with an assorted group of locals that have twisted the rumors all over the place. There are plenty of people on these message boards (CBcklr) etc that have claimed those involved are the real "victims". To me it would appear that many people know what happened and the overdose theory may have been a diversion created by the group of killers. I think part of the reason this case makes no sense to us is because of how young those involved were. Brianna was 17. I am assuming that most of her friends were around the same age. Jealousy is huge at that stage and is often a motive for murder. Especially among girls and ex's. The girl who punched her in the face is also very suspect to me. Brianna was going to press charges on her. There have been many cases where teenagers (especially girls) kill for extremely petty reasons. As far fetched as it sounds I almost feel they all are involved. The ex boyfriend, Ramon Ryans, and Low Jackson. I'm not sure if I can tie the girl who punched Brianna in the face a few weeks prior into this as well. Seems like a pretty big crew. But the ex's story makes NO sense. Ryans and Jackson really did seem to be involved. But teenage girls have killed other teenage girls over way less. I think half of the truth is already out there but is being clouded by a lot of other BS. Could it be that the VT locals just brought Ryans and Jackson into this because they knew the cops would go after them really hard? The afadavit seems to be a little over the top and "made up" if you know what I mean. Possibly a cover story to keep police off their trail. Whatever the truth is there seems to be a group of people involved and they don't seem to be afraid to write on internet message boards claiming to be the "real victims" Did Brianna have a new boyfriend or a guy she was seeing at the time? If her ex was "seeing other women" perhaps she was seeing other men?