Squeegees and the Future

Recently, I mentioned that I had discussed the better part of being frugal with our nine-year old son--including the joy of finding money.

For those interested, all of his checking the coin-returns of soda machines, peeking under the self-checkout registers, and dodging cars in the parking lot on family errands has resulted in nearly $35 in liberated currency and coinage (over the past 9 months).

The following discussion occurred as I parked our vehicle in front of a gas pump to refuel:


ME: Yes.

PENNY-PINCHER SON: You know that hand tool cleaner in the bucket over there? The... the...

ME: Do you mean the Squeegee?

PENNY-PINCHER SON: Yeah. How much does that cost to use?

ME: Well, really nothing. You can use the Squeegee when you are pumping gas, but you don't have to insert a quarter into the holder or anything.

PENNY-PINCHER SON: {Pause} Dad. What if you were to use the Squeegee to wash your whole car instead of just the windows? They have that blue cleaner in there, right? That way you could scrub the entire vehicle for free.

ME: {Hearty laugh} Hmmm... technically, um, yes, you could wash your car for free with the gas station's Squeegee. There is nothing wrong with being careful with money, but it is important also to keep some of your dignity...
I then had a disturbing image of the little guy on his first date. He is holding the movie theater door open for a young lady, sees a shiny copper penny on the ground, and moves quickly to pick-up the "treasure" just as the door closes on his date's shoulder.

Maybe, it is not too late to prevent the first-date vision from becoming a reality...


mappchik said...

Thank you for the morning chuckle. I have one penny-pinching child, but her creative money saving ideas have nothing on the squeegee carwash plan.

Your son is going to be a bit nervous & trying so hard to make a good impression on first dates that he won't likely notice a penny over the young lady he's holding the door for. What you need to worry about is getting him trained to let her get all the way through the door before picking up the penny on dates 2-?.

Erin said...

Hahahahahaha. It's also important to keep some dignity. lol

Katherine Mercurio Gotthardt said...

I have no dignity.

I have washed my van with a gas station squeegee more than once. I also throw out all my minivan garbage when I'm getting gas.

And we save most of our change in a water bottle. Since that's the only real savings account we have, I think I can justify using the gas station as a car wash.

Son, we're right there with 'ya!

: )

Midlife Jobhunter said...

Hahahahaha! Sounds like a most fun boy.

Keeping change is good. For years my kids raided ours for the lunch money I never seem to have.

angelcel said...

I like his lateral thinking! I'd say you have a future captain of industry there. :)

Sandra G. said...

Too funny.

So what's he saving up for?

Slamdunk said...

MC: Thanks I did not think of it that way.

Sandra: He is a model in frugality and is saving for nothing.

Stephanie Faris said...

Plus...I might be wrong, but that blue stuff wouldn't do a very good job, would it? Like cleaning your entire car with Windex. It's just much faster to fill up a bucket with soap and water and grab a sponge.

I'm overthinking this, aren't I?

Natalie said...

That's too funny! I've actually wondered that myself, but lack the gumption or arm power to try it out. Maybe if I had a prius or geo metro...they're so small I'd be done by the time the tank's full!

I like the flash-foward as well! I could see that happening, too. Good luck! :)

Slamdunk said...

Stephanie: Good point with the blue cleaner's washing effectiveness, but responding as a true cheapskate--car wash soap ($3.00), bucket ($5.00), water (costs something) versus Squeegee=free.

Oz Girl said...

What a funny vision you had of him! I find it quite interesting that he has netted $35 in 9 mths- crap, I'm going to start checking soda pop machines, and my eyes will be glued to the ground in parking lots from now on! LOL

On a side note: With your interest in missing persons cases, I wanted to forward this one about a blogger who went missing last October. I've read all the posts on Tara's blog, but I've also read Kathleen's own blog, and she just doesn't sound the kind of woman who would have walked away from her family, regardless of her problems getting along with her supervisor at work!

Tara's Blog: http://ifmomsaysok.wordpress.com/disappeared/

Kathleen's Blog (the gal who's missing): http://sogratefultobemormon.wordpress.com/

Slamdunk said...

Thanks Oz Girl for the information--I'll take a look at it.

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