Part I: Kathleen McBroom Missing Person

Note: Due to my usual long-windedness, I had to separate this into multiple posts. Here goes the first part...

Knowing my interest in missing person cases, talented photographer and blogger Oz Girl told me about the investigation into the disappearance of Sheila Kathleen (Beany) McBroom. Ms. McBroom has not been heard from now for more than a year.

ABC News in Anchorage (AK) summarized the story:

Along the Seward Highway, between the towering cliffs of exposed rock and the fast-icing waters of Turnagain Arm, an abandoned pickup found last month looked to be a promising lead in the search for a woman who vanished on her way to work.

Alaska State Police have been searching for Sheila Kathleen McBroom since she disappeared last month on her way to work.

But inside the green 1996 GMC, found some six miles below McHugh Creek on Oct. 31, the belongings of Sheila Kathleen McBroom, 40, remained untouched.* There were no signs of foul play, nothing wrong with the car suggesting mechanical malfunction, no suicide note.

In the days since the discovery, not a single person has reported seeing McBroom.

A wife and mother, McBroom, who went by Kathleen, was supposedly heading for work the Monday morning she vanished...
*Note: from the other articles on this story, the vehicle was recovered earlier than 10/31/08 (likely 10/27).

Several other aspects to the story are interesting.

On the morning that the missing woman did not arrive at work, police were notified about a pickup truck driving erratically. From some of the related comments, a truck driver reportedly saw the woman's vehicle strike a guardrail, and the driver appeared disoriented.

The responding officer stopped and interviewed the truck's driver Ms. McBroom. He reportedly initiated one or more field sobriety tests (which she evidently passed), and the officer released her. It was reported that Ms. McBroom was tired and going to take a nap in her truck on a pullout on the side of the highway.

Her family reported Ms. McBroom missing the next day when she had not returned home from work and had not answered multiple calls to her cell phone.

Blogger Tara over at "If Mom Says It is Ok" has done a fantastic job in organizing the scattered information available on the case.

Several questions that I'll explore:

1) Is it helpful that the missing woman kept an online diary or blog of her thoughts and activities?

2) What did readers of her blog do to assist in the missing persons case?

3) In my novice opinion, what aspects of the case are odd and/or important?
I'll continue this discussion in Part II

Photo was used from this site.


Sue said...

I'm interested in seeing what you put in Part 2.

Stephanie Faris said...

I gave you a mention and a link on today's blog:

mrs. fuzz said...

Another intriguing case. I like that you are helping bring attention to these missing persons cases. It's sad to read about, but if it were my mom/sister/brother/spouse/etc. I would want people to keep the discussion going. Good job. I'm also interested in seeing what you have for part II

Slamdunk said...

Thanks all for the kind words and thanks to Stepanie for the referral.

Oz Girl said...

I am definitely interested in seeing your take on this in Part II. I don't even the original reason I ended up on Tara's blog, but her tab that said "Disappeared" caught my eye and I wondered what it meant. Particularly intriguing to me was a comment that she did not get along with her boss at work - granted, most of us are usually at odds with our managers at work, but in reading between the lines, I felt that there was perhaps more to her disagreements with her boss than perhaps was given merit.

I agree with Mrs. Fuzz about bringing attention to these cases and keeping the dialogue going ... you never know what could be unearthed from these discussions and brainstorming!

Oh and you got everything right on your post except for one thing... the "talented" photographer??!! LOL Ok, I'll accept your compliment graciously. :)

Hope you are having a good week!

Oz Girl said...

Sheesh, you can tell my most recent full-time job is wreaking havoc with my brain... such typos in my last comment!!!! ACK.

"I don't even REMEMBER the original reason I ended up on Tara's blog..."

And I meant Kathleen aka Beanie, not Tara, as far as not getting along with her boss.

Christopher said...

For the record, if I ever come up missing, someone hack into my blog and delete the account.

That said, Alaska is a different dynamic. I have a friend who is a police officer there, and it's a totally different type of policing. They transient nature of so many residents, the vast and isolated landscape, and the unusual weather make missing person cases all that more complex than in urban areas like where I'm at.

Good job at bringing her story to the forefront, and keep it up. At some point, your blog may be the conduit that makes the difference.