Part XXVI: Brianna Maitland Missing Person

Guest Blogger Bob continues his insights on the Brianna Maitland Missing Person case.

Since Brianna’s case is currently active, it’s best I think, to just summarize... a conclusion of sorts. Some things I haven't covered, some more about Brianna, and Theory Two - the Serial Stalker, the Stranger Abduction, the Ring of White Slavery.

Anything is possible, truthfully, but there is no indication from what I learned that such was the case. Someone stalking her, very possible. A stranger, in my opinion unlikely. I believe there are those who know what happened... but of course, of course there are those who know.

Just who are they is the question I have. Is it CB, who posted recently knowing where Brianna was buried, or the person who did know? Or the guy in prison, known as Joker, who claimed he had Brianna killed? For a drug debt!

Doubtful as Brianna was frugal, and only bought a joint now and then according to her friends. The trouble is, there are too many stories about what happened to Brianna. Which surprises me, frankly. What was it about Brianna that inspired so many stories?

I was asked again, about the things Brianna liked, what sorts of things did she do, what did she read, what was she like? I didn't ever know her, but I was told:

Brianna did like to read, a lot, and she liked vampires. Seriously; she told her aunt how much she enjoyed reading Anne Rice’s vampire novels; and she’d read most of Anne Rice's other novels too, those “romance novels” written as A. N. RoQuelaure, as well as Anne Rice's own version of Lolita, called Belinda. She liked reading everything.

She liked to dream. She liked gardening, she loved animals, especially her pet cat (I’m so bad with names, I forgot her cat's name, Shadow, Sundown, something like that!), but she loved her cat. She was a happy child, and grew up getting along well with her parents, brother and others.

She was independent in nature, smart, attractive, her friends listened to her and liked her company. When she became a teenager I guess the rules changed...

I don’t know what else to tell you other than she was a normal teenager, not much different than her peers, except in her own unique way that she was aspiring to be someone. Things weren’t always great at home… she eventually hated living there – so far from her friends.

At 17 she got her parent’s permission to move out, and she did. She didn’t dislike school, school got to her. She adapted.

Brianna pretty much started partying around age 15, if not earlier. This is NW Vermont, and that’s not unusual… my own sister was partying at 13 (NY).
Around about 1999, Brianna probably could have gotten alcohol, tobacco, cannabis and coke. Other unexpected exotic drugs might have appeared from time to time.

How do I know this? Speculation, I admit.

I worked for years in schools, colleges, universities. I learned things. The important thing to understand is Brianna stood out no more than her peers, in what they did, if anything.

What is known, is that shortly after the terrorist attack on NYC, things in the NW Kingdom of VT started to change. According to an inside source, monitoring traffic in the area, for an official entity, an influx of visitors from NYC began showing up. And with them, drugs like crack and crystal meth.

I don't know how this affected Brianna personally. She pretty much went with the flow... but also pretty much made up her own mind about things.

So, by the time Brianna turned 17… all sorts of stuff was out there, and the world has changed.

Brianna knew how to take care of herself. Her friends admit she could be naive. She was also sophisticated, for example, a story began circulating after her disappearance, about a possible wedding engagement, “Brianna was getting married”… She was seen wearing a diamond ring.

This story, like most of the others I tracked down, was simply interesting. Her best friend Shauna admitted they bought the ring out of a gum-ball machine, so that when she and Brianna went to Montreal, Brianna could pretend she was married. She got rather annoyed with getting hit on as much as she did. So the ring would be a good excuse.

Given Brianna's unique nature, it appears likely that someone she knew is involved in at least knowing what happened with/to her, and where she is now. We welcome comments, and ideas... this case is not closed.

Future posts will be subject to the weather…

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J. J. in Phila said...

I still find the vomit and the piece of fruit to be the things that might break this case.

BobKat said...


I can't agree with you more. However from my perspective, the vomit may have been old, at the time, and the lime tossed there by a drunk leaving the bar where she worked.

But nothing can be ignored or written off. What more do you imagine that the combination of the lime and vomit may have represented? You can e-mail Slam Dunk and he will forwards if you feel you have a theory, about this.

On the floorboard was the only vomit. The lime came from a drink. About that drink???

Coffee cups, pocket change, a metallic neck las were seen near the car. Whatever happened seemed to have happened quickly... yet no cup to hold the drink, any evidence that I know of to indicate the presence of alcohol or other drugs in the area. No beer bottles, all indicators or a party, that didn't happen.

Some theorize that the car wasn't driven there by Brianna, but rather she was taken to another party, and her car was a planted into the house as a ruse. That would indicate Brianna wasn't driving, but for miles the guy that may have been didn't change the position of the front seats... they were set for someone Brianna's size.

Yeah... plenty more in future posts. All theories are welcome!!!

C.L. (Cindy) Beck, author said...

She sounds pretty much like a normal person for her age. Someone, somewhere knows a piece of info that could make a difference in the case. But it looks like they aren't talking.

Of the subject, but I wanted to tell you the new background and layout is great!

Anonymous said...

csi looking at the barf in the backseat would likely be able to tell how old it was. how long after she went missing was the forensics on the car performed by police?

Ann T. said...

Dear Slamdunk,
I went back and read all of the posts. It's a fascinating story of how you gather information up and then weed it back out. The rumors--some seem malicious and some of them desperate, e.g. the diamond ring, where people just try and try to remember something (off) that might apply.

Another key to this case appears to be embarrassment. It is getting in the way of the investigation. If the VT officer could have done more--whether or not, there's embarrassment there. A daughter that didn't live at home--embarrassment. Friends that did drugs or fought--more embarrassment.

It would be best, although I'm sure very difficult, for everyone to forget what they "might have done" and "should have done" and just work, as you and Bob have done.

I feel I have learned a lot. Although, I'm not sure I have expressed it well above.

Sincerely, and thank you,
Ann T.

BobKat said...

C.L. Cindy, thank you

Ann T.

You expressed yourself very well. I am intrigued and interested in your insights and ideas...



Slamdunk said...

@ Ann: After 26 posts on the case, I can't believe that Bob and I would have more to say, but there are at least 2 more posts on the missing woman that I want to do. I appreciate you reading all of our thoughts on this one.

@ Anonymous: Since the case was initially considered a traffic collision, the vehicle was not examined closely by authorities for at least several days. Nonetheless, I agree that the crime scene personnel should be able to determine if the throw-up in the backseat was relatively new or relatively old.

BobKat said...

27 Posts... and counting - the was the extra post when the media reported recently that VSP were actively pursuing Brianna's disappearance, with active leads.

We need more... a recent visitor here, that somehow found Slam's blog early on, I call her CB, like post 2 - and didn't act until about my post 20.

Hey... there is a resolution to this... and i think what Slam is saying is after all these posts, we're not quitting now...

I want to clarify one fact that seems to be taking on credibility... that is, to my knowledge, no vomit was on the backseat. There was DNA from other sources, but not vomit. The vomit was mostly on the floorboard of the drivers side. It was discussed privately and the conclusion was it could have been fresh, or old. No way to tell.

I want to emphasize, it wasn't the first law enforcement responder who I believe messed up, not whatever LE was present in the morning when her car was towed away. I believe their initial assessment was logical. As a note of optimism, since then VSP has changed it's approach to abandoned vehicles.

The initial crime scene wasn't a crime scene... it was after the fact when family, friends, and others started doubting the reason LE gave for why she was missing... the media reported: "questionable character", and I'll stop there.

That's where I entered... because to my sense of reality, there was nothing, outstanding, that was questionable.

As Ann T. pointed out... the idea created a sense of embarrassment...

Consider how this may encouragement multiple stories about what or where Brianna is?


BobKat said...

To Anonymous...

I've given your question some time to consider. Okay. You read my post, in which I made no mention of vomit in the backseat. Granted, a rumor at the time included vomit in the backseat, so maybe you read about it. Maybe not. Since I am not LE, and have no connection to LE, I can't answer how long before they did their csi. I can guess, based on what I recall from back then, seems, maybe 3 months.

Comments are welcome. Thanks for asking.

Candice said...

It doesn't surprise me that there was so much interest in this case as she was a pretty girl. No one cares about the unattractive victims, sadly. :(

Slamdunk said...

Thanks for the observation Candice. I have been wrestling with a theory that attempts to explain why certain missing person cases get traction and others do not. Unfortunately, physical appearance is a factor.

BobKat said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
BobKat said...


Your concern my concern, or has been something I’ve wondered about and researched. It seems, from what I’ve found, research appears to show a higher percentage of attractive women are targeted, and harmed, than those "considered unattractive". "Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder".

Unfortunately, the beholder doesn't always see things in an humane way... sometimes it's backwards, or the victim is a substitute...

I'm not going into psychop-theory, I'm not an expert, I mearly wish to ask that you understand or accept that my interest is present for two reasons... was the attack I perceived on her as a person – her character. By Law Enforcement and the media, when the family and her friends became concerned she was in danger.

The media I read presented Brianna as a missing person, of "questionable character due to apparent use of drugs".

I didn't buy it...

Yes, she's attractive. But in this case, that's not why many of us are concerned and involved in finding her.

We as individuals can’t save the world exactly, or most likely, but we can do our part to help with what we can…

Anonymous said...

What about the yelling the neighbors heard one night? They couldn't say for sure if it was that exact night, but none the less one night sometime around the accident. It was coming from the old barn too

BobKat said...

I don't seem to always do well writing these comments... what I'm trying to say rarely comes out the way I intend it to.

To Candice: What I was trying to say is I agree with you. Especially when it comes to ethnicity. But it's also an issue with women who are known or believed to be involved in prostitution, loose morals, illicit drug use, lack of family or friends to care - loners, and those who aren't considered to be well educated, who have no story to tell, about themselves.

But that's the media.

We are not that media. What I was trying to explain to you is when I read about Brianna in the news, I was struck by her attractiveness, but what struck me the most was the way law enforcement was projected through the media as being bias based on two indicators: her alleged drug use, and her age - which made her appear questionable as a person, and the associated assumption based on those factors, that she probably ran off, or got caught up a drug deal gone bad - and well, she asked for it then, nothing much we can do.

Seriously, bias in law enforcement and the media skew interest and investigations in a way that makes concerned citizens complain, but it's the families, if there are families, or the individual who suffer if these biases are affecting disclosure of the facts.

RE: Facts...

Anonymous... you are obviously someone familiar with the origination "facts" of Brianna's disappearance.

Please send Slam Dunk a list of questions you have and we will try to include them in the next post. As for the "screaming the neighbors are reported to have heard that Friday night - the last I heard they had withdrawn that claim, and at the time they wouldn't speak with the family about what they may have heard. I am not privy to what they told VSP, so we have no statement in hand to answer your question.

Myself, personally, I believe the gut response we heard reported of what the neighbors claimed would be valid. I expect if something did happen between Brianna and others, she probably would have been shouting and screaming. I believe something happened by surprise, that she was not expecting. Given that she had most likely not been drinking, that she was not doing drugs and was in complete control of her person, I believe she had moments to react to a dangerous situation. Given her martial arts training/expertise, I believe she didn't get a chance to act. Since no gun-shots were reported, I consider the use of a stun-gun, or taser to have been a logical weapon of choice for an attacker to use to subdue her. Whatever happened was planned in advance, and that Brianna was setup.

When considering Brianna's attractiveness, the sad thing is it only makes her more the victim, fodder for criticism and wild speculations.

To me she normal... and especially unique - which was validated the more I learned about her. She could be any family's daughter, whatever her attractivness, she deserved much more in regards to an appropriate response than she got when it was determined she was missing.

Hopefully, this posted comment will make more sense to Candice, and to anonymous... please, write to Slam Dunk and let us know what your questions and concerns are.


Raging Ranter said...

I've been following this case for about three years now. This string of posts is the most detailed synopsis I've come across to date. I just finished reading all 26 of them.

Three things stand out:

1) The fight that occurred three weeks prior, and the subsequent filing of charges by Brianna and her mother. I often run across missing persons cases where they were just about to testify against someone, and they disappear.

2) The unsavoury newcomers from NYC and the Burlington connection, and the stories that connect them to the Brianna disappearance. The stories may have some truth. Or they could be a series of lies told for various selfish reasons.

3) The ex-boyfriend (his first name was given, but I won't name him at all). From what I can tell, his story of being in Canada does not line up with other things he has said. Though who knows what he actually said, and what was simply second (or tenth) hand info from other people.

From this, we can speculate about three possible scenarios:

1) Former "friends" already jealous and now facing criminal charges decide to "deal with her" once and for all.

2) Unsavoury characters with whom she has come in contact - however tangentially - target her for a rape/abduction or similar scenario.

3) Jealous ex scenario.

One or more of these scenarios may overlap. For example, vengeful ex-friends or jealous ex-boyfriend could attain the help of unsavoury newcomers to deal with Brianna.

I realize I haven't offered anything new, nor have I clarified anything. The police have no doubt pursued all these avenues and more. But it would seem that there are enough shady characters, liars, exes, jealous losers, drug dealers, addicts, drunks, and other ne'er-do-well types, that a random stranger abduction is highly unlikely. Since it is likely she knew her killer/killers, this one appears to be absolutely solvable.

Raging Ranter said...

Re my previous post, I would add that it seems unlikely the crime was planned out carefully. It also seems very likely that drugs and/or alcohol were a factor in any of the possible scenarios.

Given the sloppiness of the crime scene and it's poorly chosen location (discovered by police within an hour or so and in plain view of the highway) it seems likely the perpetrators were high, drunk, or both. Also, if the crime were planned out carefully, there would have been an attempt to lure her to a more secluded location. It very well could have been an alcohol or drug-fueled "spontaneous" occurrence, as follows:

Perpetrators are out partying, drinking, getting high. Someone says, "Hey, ain't that Brianna girl workin' at the B & B tonight? What say we wait for her. I want to have a little chat with her." They drive to the route they know she'll take home. Or they wait by her place of employment and follow her when she leaves. She's flagged down by someone she knows. She isn't immediately afraid, and pulls into the Dutchburn yard (or is overpowered right on the road when she stops). Quite possibly there is no pre-existing plan to kill or abduct her. But given previous tensions, now fueled by drugs and alcohol, things get out of hand. Maybe she stands up to them and angers them. It turns violent.

It's really too bad the scene was not recognized as a crime scene earlier on. No doubt more evidence would have been gathered. One tiny piece of evidence connecting a known suspect to the yard could clinch it.

BobKat said...

To Raging Ranter...

Two comments and you got my attention... it's going to take me awhile to study what you said... but, man, I think you got it! You've learned a lot in the 3 years you've been following this...

Thank-you... your insight based on what you've seen is welcome.

BobKat said...

Raging Ranter...

Her "boy-fiend's" name is common knowledge, not sure why you won't say it. James.

The fight 3 weeks earlier sure does seem to warrant interest... but Keely has spoken to the police and there is no reason we have to suspect her. She actually is said to have tried to help - she believed she had the vehicle Brianna was abducted in - brought it to the state police.

The characters themselves weren't necessarily, "unsavory"... the real question is one that was corrupted early on, and that is, where does Brianna fit into what we know?

I learned through direct discussions with those who knew her that she was pretty typical, other than her attractiveness, which probably did inspire jealousy... but jealousy by itself? Where exactly, what exactly was it that made Brianna a target?

Her boyfriend, James, it's been said was seeing other women... and it's possible Brianna was seeing other men. Is that motive?

Seems pretty common... by todays standards. But what about yesterday's standards? Might an older man have been involved - one that disapproved of her activities?

To say things may have been "fueled by drugs and alcohol...", and you mention "poor planning", what caused said persons to sit outside a restaurant for what could have been hours waiting for her? That seems to show planning... which you also mention, as i have, about how maybe they were sitting across the street, drinking beers, waiting until she left work.

Problem with that? Brianna had just left work... she hadn't had opportunity to do drugs, nor had she opportunity to use alcohol. She declined an offer by the staff at the B&B to stay late... and party some.

She was able to defend herself according to her martial arts teacher... so you don't think she could take on a couple of drugged, drunks???

Slamdunk said...

@ Raging Ranter: Thanks for reading all 26 of the long-winded posts we have on this topic. I appreciate your input, and am glad that Bob had a chance to offer his opinion.

Raging Ranter said...

I was able to use Google Streetview up and down Rte 118 until I found the Dutchburn house. What jumps out at me is how close the Dutchburn place is to the road. It's right up against the highway - something that is not obvious from the pictures of the car.

Now that I've seen that, the ex-boyfriend's story really bothers me. The car would have been right against the road. Even at 4:30 a.m. and half awake, if he'd have seen it (he is reported as saying he did), he'd have known at once it was her car. Yet he didn't stop? He didn't attempt to find out if she was alright? Not even attempting to locate her the next day? Not even out of curiosity? That is incredibly suspicious.

If I saw a friend's car backed into a house at 4:30 a.m., I'd be both curious and concerned. And I'd damn well find out if that friend was OK, if not that night, then for sure the next day. If he'd have attempted to do that the next day, her parents would likely have been alerted to the fact that she was missing a day or two earlier. That isn't just a small oversight. That's a glaring question mark. You saw your ex-gf's car backed into a house and didn't even try to find out about it?

All this is assuming reporter was accurate in describing the ex-bf's story. Reporters get things wrong all the time. People also lie to them, and to the police. But if the ex-bf gave the story he did, then it is a major red flag.

Raging Ranter said...

Bobkat, I never suggested Brianna was on drugs or drunk. I mean the perpetrators were drunk/drugged. The brazenness of committing an abduction right against the highway, and leaving her car in plain site does not indicate good planning or clear thinking.

Did they wait for her? I don't know. But even that wouldn't indicate good planning. Waiting for her for an hour or two outside work doesn't mean they'd have planned it carefully. It could have been a drug/alcohol-induced decision. And at that point, they still may not have had plans to kill her. It seems quite possible that things just escalated after she stopped at the Dutchburn place, for whatever reason she stopped there.

Did they follow her and get her to pull over? Were they waiting at the D house for her? Did they just happen to be there drinking or doing drugs? It could have been a coincidental meeting that went bad. Or maybe she was targeted. But even if she was targeted, it doesn't indicate extensive planning. It just makes no sense for a clear-headed, premeditated crime to be committed in such a brazen, sloppy fashion. But a couple of druggees or drunks planning it and pulling it off over a couple of hours? Very possible.

And yes, I do believe a couple of drunk or drugged men could easily have overpowered her, despite her judo training. Especially if they were fueled by coke or meth. Three weeks earlier, two girls had beaten her up quite severely. Why couldn't two drunk or drugged men abduct her and kill her?

As for the friend who assaulted her, I agree it does sound like she's conducted herself in a way that would remove suspicion. However, she did physically attack her just weeks before that.

Raging Ranter said...

Anyway, sorry for being so long winded. I'm not trying to dominate the thread here. I don't realize how long my comments are until I see them posted.

To summarize, we don't know how it went down, or who it was. But it seems obvious to me that it was either not planned, or very poorly planned and sloppily executed by those whose judgement was impaired. It's just too chaotic. No attempt to hide the car? It wouldn't have been that hard to get it off the house's foundation. That's why I think it likely that things just escalated rather suddenly.

Escalated from what? From a plan to confront her? Or just from a coincidental meeting at the house? I don't know. If any planning did go into it, they weren't thought through very carefully. It's pure luck they've gotten away with it thus far.