Are You Sleeping Soundly?

I wanted send a message wishing a "good" night's sleep to the third defendant who fled the scene after this grisly crash in Indianapolis:

Police have arrested two men in connection with a robbery that led to crash that critically injured a young boy and tore a hole in the side of a north side day care.

While pictures of the suspects have yet to be released, officers have identified the men as 21-year-old Darron Crowe and 19-year-old Theo Sanford.

Crowe and Sanford have been preliminary charged with armed robbery, carrying a handgun without a license and fleeing the police. Officers said additional charges may be added as the investigation continues.

The 1997 red, Jeep Cherokee that crashed into the day care belonged to Sanford, police said. Detectives found a handgun, cash and clothing in the Jeep that they believe was used in the robbery.

Police believe a third suspect may have fled the scene after the crash...
Let me understand this.

You and your pals rob a store at gunpoint. Roar away from the scene in your sport utility on busy city streets, and a short time later crash into a child care facility.

The impact injures one adult and four small children (a five-year old boy remains in critical condition).

Surrounded by the screams of children scared and in pain, you smash the window out of your vehicle, jump out, and step on and over the little bodies laying on the floor as you abscond the scene.

You don't offer to help any of the injured kids. You push anything and anyone out of your way in an effort to save yourself.

I think your actions provide a glimpse of the desperate people that police deal with on a daily basis. It is a disturbing world that few others see.

I'm not sure how third suspect, the man that is free, could ever sleep again. Or, maybe he is resting comfortably, and therein lies the problem.

Note: The photo is from WIBC's site .


Dan said...

I suspect that most criminals have a strong degree of the "me first" thought process to start with. Seems like it would be necessary if you are going to threaten to shot someone face to face and mean it just for some material objects.

tumwijuke said...

That's horrible!

I'd be really mad if he's getting any sleep. I haven't done anything wrong and my eyes and brain don't seem to be cooperating with my need for sleep.

Thanks for visiting my blog.

James (SeattleDad) said...

Yes, you have to be at the lowest rung of the decency ladder to do such a thing.

It's a shame.

Thanks for stopping by my site. Always a pleasure to meet other dad bloggers.

Expat From Hell said...

I am with Dan on this. Somehow the "criminal element" in our society mostly just doesn't have that level of conscience to realize that they are committing the unconscionable. Great find, and great post - as always...EFH

Holly said...

Horrible story. Sadly, I bet the third guy never gave it a second thought. There is a "special" place for people like him.

Ann T. said...

Dear Slamdunk,

I agree with Dan, and also, how reckless a driving between the first crime and the second! I wonder how many other people were at risk before they I hope they throw the book at all three of them.

And I hope the child recovers quickly, and that the other children there have a safe place to get care until all this is fixed.


Ann T.

Sandra G. said...

I agree with most of the comments here - people like the 3rd guy always place themselves first and really give no thought to their actions until long after the fact.

I suspect, if he has not been caught, he is having difficulty dealing with the child aspect of this call, if only in his darkest hours.

Katherine Mercurio Gotthardt said...

I wonder if these guys were on drugs. I just can't imagine being that insensitive, even as a criminal. But then, I'm not a criminal so what do I know?

Off track..nice new look! WOW!

Natalie said...

Even before I became a mother, anytime a child is involved in a senseless act of violence, Mama Bear comes out and I want to gouge out the perps eyeballs...

Well, maybe not that far. Just a good face scratching.

Desperate acts such as these still don't justify harming innocent children.

Reggie said...

What an awful story.

I do hope that, once the shock of what he and his cronies did has sunk in, his conscience will give him a good shake by the scruff of the neck.

I so feel for the children who were hurt. I hope they all recover fully.

Anonymous said...

When I read of people doing things as low as these young men, running away with kids clearly hurt, I hope that their judgment will come back to bite them, if not right now, but at some time in the future.I'm certain that "what comes around, goes around", it's pretty much similar to Karma or "cast your bread upon the water and it will come back tenfold". I think that this principle holds true in Life. ... and if not in this life then I hope: in the one there-after. I talk to my kids regularly about what other people must be feeling (items on the news etc)so that hopefully they can always remember to emthasise and put themselves in other people's shoes. Sadly society is producing too many "I want and expect it ALL now" kids who don't learn that hard work, respect, saving and honest means are the best route to material happiness.
Great post, Thanks!
regards... Kiwidutch :)